Our Mission

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) advises the Garrison Commander and executes the Command Information, Community Relations, and Media Relations missions. PAO has sole release authority for information and acts as spokesperson for the command. We provide timely, accurate and truthful communications about the command and its activities to all members of the community including military personnel, Family members, retirees and the American public.

Command Information

The command information program encompasses the installation's Fort Gregg-Adams News platform, its official website and social media pages; the digital sign at the main gate on Sisisky Avenue; and its presence on the Digital Garrison app.

Fort Gregg-Adams News


In addition to its global reach from its platform at www.army.mil/greggadams, Fort Gregg-Adams News serves most directly the local information needs of communities in the Tri-City area, including active-duty service members, military families, government civilians, military retirees and reservists.

Fort Gregg-Adams News accommodates the command information needs of installation leaders. In addition to publishing frequent articles that focus on safety, health, environmental protection, changes to policy and more, we tell the Fort Gregg-Adams story through photos and features that highlight key events, significant achievements, the quality of military training and the unique aspects of a diverse community.


Contributed articles and photos are eagerly accepted. If you call us with a story idea and we’re not able to cover it, or if your unit is involved in an evening or weekend activity worthy of mention, snap a photo and send it to us with a short write-up that includes the 5 Ws – who, what, when, where and why. Remember that action shots are always better than static group photos or individuals cheesing it up for the camera, and those good quality photos must be submitted in JPEG format (highest resolution possible) to meet the requirements of our printing process. Cameras are available for short-term sign-out at the Public Affairs Office, if needed.

Contact the editor to submit content or learn more.

E-Mail: FortGreggAdams@army.mil

Phone: 804-734-7147

Coverage Requests

Contact the Command Information Officer at (804) 734-7147 or  email FortGreggAdams@army.mil to request publicity or coverage. Early coordination (at least two weeks in advance) increases the chance of achieving the desired support. Seldom are we able to accommodate short-notice (same or next day) requests. Our Visual Information Specialist also is available for event photography support on a limited basis. Requests for photo support must be submitted through the CIO as specified above. Photo services are only granted for official functions such as installation observances, changes of command, VIP visits, commemorative ceremonies, etc. It does not include activities that are personal in nature such as individual award ceremonies or promotions, retirement luncheons, change of command receptions, etc. Agencies external to the Garrison (e.g. CASCOM units and other tenant organizations) should include their servicing Public Affairs Office in any requests for support. The CASCOM PAO group email address is usarmy.gregg-adams.tradoc.mbx.cascom-pao@army.mil.

Official Photography (Visual Information Service Center)

The PAO-managed Visual Information Service Center provides Department of the Army photo services and limited photography support for official events on post.

Digital Signs


The digital signs located across the installation are used to deliver information to members of the Fort Gregg-Adams community and visitors. Contact us with any questions about which organizations are responsible for administering content for specific signs. Garrison Public Affairs is the content administrator for the digital sign at Sisisky Gate.

Message Requests

Military organizations and tenants of Fort Gregg-Adams, and recognized community groups with permission from the Garrison Commander to conduct activities on the installation, may submit requests to PAO for messages to be posted on the Sisisky Gate digital signs about specific activities and programs using the form below. The digital policy includes additional instructions for submitting events and guidelines for posted announcements.
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Community Relations

Fort Gregg-Adams takes an active interest in improving the quality of life in our communities and supporting local government, civic and non-profit organizations. Our community relations branch coordinates requests for support and shares information with Fort Gregg-Adams friends and neighbors in a variety of ways:

Good Neighbor Program

The Good Neighbor Award Program honors and recognizes the efforts of private citizens in Fort Gregg-Adams' surrounding partner communities who contribute significantly to the support of Soldiers and Families on the installation.



This program will help strengthen the ties between Fort Gregg-Adams and its neighboring communities, enhance recruiting efforts, promote esprit-de-corps, foster partnerships and inform the public about the Army and Fort Gregg-Adams.

Types of Support

The Good Neighbor Award Program honors individuals who enhance the quality of life for Soldiers and their Families or otherwise support Fort Gregg-Adams missions through their individual efforts. Types of support include, but are not limited to, advocating for programs/actions that support Soldiers and Families; new initiatives and partnerships; and donations of money, goods, volunteer time, property, etc.


Each year, the Garrison Public Affairs Office solicits nominations from major commands and tenant organizations. Units are asked to identify – and nominate through their brigade channels – citizens who contributed significantly to their unit’s well-being and deserve recognition.

Nomination packets are submitted to PAO for an initial review prior to screening by an award selection board, which in turn submits its selectees to the Senior Commander for approval.


Get the Good Neighbor Nomination Form Here

Nomination Packet

1. Nomination packets will consist of:

  • Biographical information of nominee
  • Nominator’s title/rank/position, address, POC info and signature
  • Summary of nominee’s contributions worthy of recognition (500 words maximum)

2. Individuals ineligible for nomination include current:

  • Soldiers/service members
  • Military spouses and or Family members
  • Family Readiness Group leaders
  • Department of Army/Defense Civilians and contractors
  • Elected Officials

Selection Board

The Fort Gregg-Adams Senior Commander will approve final awardees chosen by the selection board. The selection board will, at a minimum, include the CASCOM Deputy to the Commanding General and Chief of Staff, and the Garrison Commander. The commandants for OD/QM/TC and the ALU president may participate on the selection board as available.

Number of Submissions

Up to seven individuals may be recognized annually; one each from Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, Petersburg, Prince George and Richmond. Nominations may be submitted only by Fort Gregg-Adams brigades or the PAOs for CASCOM, Garrison, DCMA, DeCA and KAHC.

Fort Gregg-Adams brigades will each send up to three nominations to Garrison PAO, signed by the brigade commander.


Honoree(s) will be recognized annually at the August Civilian Military Council meeting, which is always hosted by Fort Gregg-Adams, and in news coverage generated by PAO. Honoree(s) will receive a framed two-star note signed by the Senior Commander, and be invited to join Fort Gregg-Adams military leaders for lunch at the CMC meeting. Good Neighbors will be included on the civic invitation list and invited to functions and events on the installation. These events may include changes of command, culinary luncheons, museum tours, casing ceremonies and graduations. Honoree(s) also will be included in other events as the Senior Commander deems appropriate.


The timeline for the Good Neighbor Award Program is as follows:

  • 15 FEB: Garrison PAO submits a draft Operations Order to CASCOM G-3
  • 1-30 APR: Good Neighbor nominations submitted to PAO
  • 1 MAY: Garrison PAO submits final nominations to the selection board
  • 1 JUN: Award selectees submitted to the Senior Commander for Approval
  • AUGUST: Good Neighbor Award presentations during the CMC hosted by Fort Gregg-Adams

For More Information

Call the Garrison PAO Community Relations Officer at (804) 734-6893.

Community Requests for Fort Gregg-Adams Support/Assets

Fort Gregg-Adams is honored to support community with guest speakers, color guards, firing detail, military vehicles, custom Fort Gregg-Adams tours, culinary/robotics/rigger demonstrations and other patriotic displays. Government organizations, civic groups, schools and community-based organizations may request military assets for their ceremonies and special events. All requests for support must comply with DoD and Army Regulations to be granted. Fill out the Request for Support Form and return to Fort Gregg-Adams Garrison Public Affairs for consideration at FortGreggAdams@army.mil.

For military band support, contact the TRADOC Army Band.

Fort Gregg-Adams Events

Fort Gregg-Adams hosts a wide-range of public events that promote a good quality of life for military members and their families, and provide an ideal and usually free or low-cost entertainment opportunity for the off-post community. Annual events include the Independence Day celebration, Oktoberfest, the Grand Illumination tree lighting, holiday concerts, theatre productions and more.

Noise Complaints and Inquiries

If you live in the Tri-Cities (Petersburg, Hopewell, or Colonial Heights), you may have heard echoes of military training at Fort Gregg-Adams. Your windows may have rattled as an Army helicopter passed near your home, or if you live near State Highways 645 and 630, you may have heard small caliber weapons firing.

To report or inquire about noise that may be related to operations at Fort Gregg-Adams, citizens may e-mail us at FortGreggAdams@army.mil.

When filing a report please provide:

  • Name & phone number (you can remain anonymous)
  • Date, time, location, time, frequency and nature of occurrence

All complaints are logged and investigated immediately to determine the cause of the complaint. Every effort will be made to correct the situation, mission permitting.

If a citizen believes they have a claim against the government for property damage, they should call the Legal Office at Fort Gregg-Adams at (804) 765-1520.

Volunteer Opportunities

To have a list of volunteer opportunities (both on and off post) sent to you, email FortGreggAdams@army.mil and request to be added to our distribution list.

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Media Relations

PAO is the first point of contact for civilian news media. We respond promptly to requests for information and can coordinate interviews and visits to the installation. The media relations branch also manages submissions to the Hometown News Service and conducts PA training for supported organizations on Fort Gregg-Adams.

News Media

Fort Gregg-Adams is a non-public news gathering forum. As such, all civilian media must coordinate approval and an escort prior to entering Fort Gregg-Adams.

News organizations interested in covering the mission and events at Fort Gregg-Adams or filming on the installation should contact the media relations officer to arrange an escort on post.

Members of the media may also request to be included on e-mail distribution lists for media releases and advisories to stay informed of the latest news and opportunities for coverage at Fort Gregg-Adams.

E-Mail: FortGreggAdams@army.mil

Phone: 804-734-6965


Fort Gregg-Adams on DVIDS

Media and other communications professionals looking for news updates, high-resolution imagery and broadcast-quality video made available by PAO can register a free account on the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS).

Army Images

Subject matter searchable section of the Army’s public website with more than 2,300 feature photos used on the Army homepage.

Defense Visual Information Center

DVIC is the official records center for the storage and preservation of visual information (VI) records of the U.S. military. Our holdings include motion picture film, videotape, still photography, and CD-ROM stock photo collections for use by Department of Defense (DoD) customers in support of mission requirements. Most of our imagery is made available to the public on a cost-recovery fee basis.

DefenseLink Multi-Media Gallery

Comprehensive collection of images, graphics, sound and video compiled by military photojournalists and Combat Camera specialists stationed around the world.

DefenseLink Graphics (Organizational Seals)

Department of Defense, Military Service Seals and United in Memory Emblem are protected from unauthorized use by law. However, the Military Services typically approve the use of their Service emblem or coat of arms as a substitute. There is no such substitute for the Department of Defense Seal. To request use of the Service emblems or coat of arms, refer to our fact sheet.

More Military Images & Clip Art

A compendium of websites compiled by the Pentagon Library staff.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library

The photographic and graphic images located on this web site are provided to visually communicate programs, projects and events of the US Army Corps of Engineers and are made available through the combined efforts of team members throughout the Corps.

Other Sources of Military Images

U.S. Army Center of Military History.

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Social Media

PAO manages the primary social media pages for U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Gregg-Adams in accordance with DoD Social Media Policy and U.S. Army social media policies and practices.


Facebook: U.S. Army Fort Gregg-Adams
Twitter: U.S. Army Fort Gregg-Adams
YouTube: U.S. Army Fort Gregg-Adams
Contact: E-Mail: FortGreggAdams@army.mil
Phone: 804-734-6965
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