NOTE:  Policies and guidance referencing "Fort Lee" are applicable to Fort Gregg-Adams until updated.


Policies and Regulations

Type Number Title Proponent Date Signed
Policy 24-1 Fort Gregg-Adams Pollution Prevention Policy DPW 2024-01-03
Policy 19-9 Fort Gregg-Adams Stray Animal Control DPW 2023-08-31
Policy 23-02 FGAV Troop Movement Policy 23-02 SO 2023-09-29
Policy 20-8 Operating and Release Procedures During Adverse Weather Conditions DPTMS 2020-08-25
Regulation 190-1 Army Law Enforcement Juvenile Offenders Program DES 2018-04-09
Regulation 190-2 Army Law Enforcement Possession, Use, Transportation, and Security of Privately Owned Weapons DES 2018-04-09
Regulation 190-5 Army Law Enforcement Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision and Installation Traffic Control DES 2023-05-01
Regulation 210-14 Installation Post Support DPTMS 2020-08-05
Regulation 420-1 Fort Gregg-Adams Fire Protection and Prevention Program DES 2019-02-01


Official Memorandums


Title Proponent Date Signed
Fort Gregg-Adams Environmental Policy DPW 2020-09-02
Fort Gregg-Adams Energy Conservation Measures DPW 2019-02-20
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Type Number Title Proponent Date Signed
Policy 20-1 Garrison Commander:  Open Door GAR CMD 2020-08-25
Policy 20-2 Garrison Commander:  Safety GAR CMD 2020-08-25
Policy 22-3 Equal Employment Opportunity Program EEO 2022-01-24
Policy 22-4 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) EEO 2022-01-24
Policy 22-5 Anti-Harassment for the Workplace EEO 2022-01-24
Policy 20-6 Sexual Assault and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program SHARP 2020-01-04
SOP   Fort Gregg-Adams Commissary Baggers GAR CMD 2020-08-25
Memo   Fort Gregg-Adams Printer Policy S6 2020-08-25
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