We serve our community to enable readiness


Best Garrison in the Army; DoD installation of choice

Lines of Effort

  1. Develop professional installation workforce
  2. Effective BASOPS
  3. Infrastructure Sustainment and Revitalization
  4. Effective Partnerships


  1. Adaptive, cohesive, empowered, motivated and informed workforce
  2. Develop current and future leaders through teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  3. Promote and support a Ready and Resilient Community
    • Sponsorship
    • SHARP
    • CYSS
    • Transition
  4. Customer Focused Service
  5. Maximize Base Ops and Services
    • Partner Value Campaign (Public-Public Partnerships)
    • Proper utilization of Real Property
    • Net Zero Installation (Water, waste, energy)
  6. Communicate and build trust with our stakeholders
  7. Lead effort to implement the PAR and develop accurate metrics through the CoPs
  8. Showcase the Installation; facilities, people and processes
  9. Transformation: preparing for the future through a culture of innovation
  10. Focus on Force Protection to ensure a safer Community

Values, Philosophy/Core Beliefs, and Core Competencies


  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Selfless Service
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Personal Courage

The Seven Army Values

Philosophy / Core Beliefs

  • Customers are our focus.
  • Service is our priority.
  • Quality is our hallmark.
  • People are our greatest asset.
  • Partnership is the key to our success.
  • Integrity, Teamwork, & Professionalism form our foundation


Core Competencies

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Gregg-Adams is an organization focused on maintaining a high-quality, expert, agile and empowered workforce capable of achieving sustained excellence.

Quality Policy Statement

Quality is knowing who our customers are, understanding their needs and addressing those needs in a timely, respectful and helpful manner.

Quality is guaranteeing that we follow through on all commitments we make to customers.

Quality is meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements and expectations within the context of achieving the organization's mission and legal mandates.

Quality is striving to continually improve our performance, processes and standards we set for ourselves in a way we organize, manage and deliver our services.

Quality is measuring the results of our services in order to continually improve them.

Quality is the top priority of Fort Gregg-Adams Garrison; it is the driving force for everything we do and it is the responsibility of all employees.