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The Environmental Management Division (EMD) focuses on four major areas: compliance, restoration, prevention, and conservation. The EMD provides the means necessary to meet the mission while protecting the environment.

EMD satisfies the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management Standard and Army EMS requirements always assuring that Fort Gregg-Adams maintains a high state of environmental readiness.

Directorate of Public Works – Environmental Management Division SharePoint Site (CAC Authentication Required)

Environmental Special Conditions

As part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), EMD reviews all projects and supplies detailed regulatory environmental requirements, known as the ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIAL CONDITIONS (ESC). Please use the most current copy of the ESC available here for all of your contract and project actions.


Negligence and failure to adhere to environmental regulations may result in both civil and criminal charges and fines for the responsible party or parties. In short, Fort Gregg-Adams’s Environmental Policy is:

G – Generate less waste and pollution
R – Reduce environmental impact
E – Ensure compliance
E – Evaluate new projects
N – Notify 911 and IOC of spills

Fort Gregg-Adams Recycling Center

In addition to weekly pick-up at each building, Fort Gregg-Adams also has a Recycling Center for convenient drop-off of bulk items and yard waste.

Recycling Center Map

Contact Information: Contract Representative: 804-734-5023

Location: Behind the Commissary

  • Follow Adams Avenue east of Sisisky Blvd.
  • Turn Left by water tower onto 2nd St.
  • Pass PX, Commissary, and CIF

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Contact Us

Environmental Management Division Chief 804-734-5071
Environmental Compliance Branch Chief 804-734-3560
Environmental Division Administrator 804-734-5014
Compliance Program Manager 804-734-3772
Hazardous Waste Program Manager 804-734-3811
Hazardous Waste Technician 804-765-7996
Air Quality Program Manager 804-734-5061
Recycling/Lead/Asbestos Specialist 804-734-3761
Air Program Specialist 804-765-7546
Stormwater Engineer 804-734-3760
NEPA 804-765-7548
Pollution Prevention(P2) Program Manager 804-734-3766
Environmental Management Systems 804-734-3766
Environmental Pest Management & Backflow 804-765-7994
Installation Restoration Specialist 804-734-3772
Conservation Program Manager 804-734-5080
Wildlife 804-734-5080
Cultural Resources Program Manager 804-734-4434
Archaeologist 804-765-7026
Curator 804-734-4436
HAZMAT Control Center 804-734-5243


Please report suspected environmental violations, spills, leaks, and the harming of wildlife to us. Also, if you have an idea to help improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact, please let us know.



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