The Provost Marshal Division provides Department of the Army Civilian Police and Security Guard services, conducts criminal investigations, oversees traffic control, and maintains general law and order at Fort Gregg-Adams. It operates a 24-hour Police Desk, and its Visitor Control Center issues post-access passes and registers privately owned weapons. Through its Physical Security Branch, it manages and directs the physical security program and executes access control points.


The Fort Gregg Adams Provost Marshal Office provides 24-hour law enforcement, force protection, and community support to Commanders, Service Members, Family members, Civilians and guests of Fort Gregg-Adams; maintains liaison with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies; supports installation contingency operations.


Our vision is to become the most progressive and efficient law enforcement agency in the Military. This requires the dedication of each employee to adhere to the fundamental values that we deem essential by this office in order to fulfill our mission. We actively require the participation of each employee into the philosophy of community oriented policing. This philosophy allows law enforcement and residents to collectively identify and address crime and disorder concerns in our community, and develop ways to reduce and prevent problems from occurring in the future. The following values form the foundation upon which we build to accomplish our mission.


To provide personalized law enforcement service to the community at the highest standard of quality possible. To invest truth in our employees, relying on their combined judgment, wisdom and experience to generate creative new approaches to community concerns. To be fair, impartial and efficient as we strive to preserve peace, order and safety.


To join in partnership with citizens of Fort Gregg-Adams to identify and prioritize neighborhood concerns and seek solutions in problem solving. This partnership allows for change to occur today with the promise of making our communities safer and more attractive places for tomorrow.


To be committed to follow the principles set forth in the oath of office and the standards established by the Fort Gregg-Adams Provost Marshal Office. We pledge to act as a catalyst in an effort to empower the citizens of Fort Gregg-Adams into an equal interest in crime prevention. We dedicate ourselves to explore and investigate new ways to translate this philosophy of power sharing into practice.

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Physical Security

The Physical Security Office manages the Fort Lee Physical Security program which includes, supervising and maintaining over 150 security systems throughout the Installation, reviews all new construction projects prior to being built on the Installation for physical security compliance, and performs inspections of unit arms rooms, motor pools, key control systems, and various other Physical Security programs. All security-related work orders are routed and processed through this office.

Contact Information

Phone: (804) 734-4692
Fax: (804) 734-6327

Supervisor: (804) 734-7438


Training CollageThe Training Office manages the Fort Lee Police training program. Responsible for tracking, scheduling, and instructing Law Enforcement training for the Department of Army Civilian Police, Military Police, Contract Security Guards.

Contact Information

Phone: (804) 765-3234

Administrative Section (Reports)

The Administrative section supports the Brigade, Battalion and Company Commanders on the Installation and tenant units as well as the Magistrate Court, Criminal Records Center, and the Central Violation Bureau. The Administrative section inputs, files, processes, prints, scans, and sorts Military Police Reports and maintains Military Police Records.

The Police Administrative Section is comprised of civilian personnel, the supervisor, and administration clerks. The mission of the Police Administration Section is to provide the administrative support to the Fort Lee Provost Marshal Office.

Activities include processing reports, traffic tickets, and providing reports to law enforcement, legal sections, and customers. Police reports are processed through an interactive, web-based database. This system tracks MP statistics world-wide and at any Army post. The section is also tasked to provide Community Police Statistics to the Provost Marshal, the Installation, and it’s tenant units, in order to provide commanders with the necessary information to make security and safety decisions based on those statistics.

Police Reports/Name Checks

Police Reports. Please allow up to 20 working days from the date of request submission for completion. Proof of identification is needed in order to receive a copy of a police report. Police reports are only released to individuals involved in a case, or authorized representative. Insurance companies need to obtain written permission from the insured, send a written request and self-addressed envelope to the above address. There is no fee for this service. Please contact us at 804-734-6377 or 6388 to verify if your report is complete and so we can have it ready for you to pick up.

Click here for POLICE REPORT REQUEST Form.

Completed request must be presented by requester, with proper identification and authorization.

Name checks or personnel background information checks are only released to authorized internal agencies or Government agency investigators possessing identification in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and AR 340-21. Personal information is treated in accordance with regulations; this office will NOT supply information to improperly qualified individuals or agencies or through unauthorized channels.

Contact Information

Phone: (804) 734-6406

Fax: (804) 734-7411

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Contact Us

Office: Phone Number:
Office of the Provost Marshal 804-734-7587
Office of the Chief 804-734-7403
Operations Officer 804-734-6503
Assistant Operations Officer 804-734-6478
Provost Sergeant 804-734-7417
Admin Section 804-734-6406
Evidence Custodian 804-734-6672
Desk/Communications 804-734-7400
Desk Supervisor 804-734-7402
Investigations 804-734-6672
AWOL Apprehension 804-734-6660
Traffic 804-734-7432
Military Working Dogs 804-734-1099
Training 804-765-3234
Physical Security 804-734-7438
DA Security Guards 804-734-4212
Weapons Registration 804-734-5058
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