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Welcome to the Fort Gregg-Adams Fire and Emergency Services Website.

Our organization has a proud and honorable history since 1917 of protecting our U.S. Army Soldiers, their families and civilians that work and live on Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia. Through excellent mutual support partnerships with the surrounding communities we assist each other daily in all facets of emergency response on Fort Gregg-Adams and our surrounding localities.

As you visit our site, we hope the site visit will be both informative and educational. The website will explain who we are, our mission and vision statements, our core values, and services provided every day.

If you are visiting, I welcome you to Fort Gregg-Adams. If you live on Fort Gregg-Adams, I encourage you to stop by any of the fire stations and meet the members who answer the calls for assistance.

We are extremely proud of what we do, and that is serving you in your time of need.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Fire Chief


The Fort Gregg-Adams Fire and Emergency Services Division exists to protect the lives, safety, environment, and property of all persons in the community and surrounding areas we serve; to educate, inform, and enforce life safety in a caring and effective manner. We strive to continually evaluate the quality of our service delivery system and provide the highest level of service possible for the resources provided to the division. We encourage the development of our people by creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and creates challenges.


To be recognized by our customers and employees as:

  1. A model of excellence in providing fire protection, advanced life support, emergency medical services, and related emergency services locally, regionally, and nationally.
  2. An organization that fosters an environment of trust, involvement, innovation, creativity, and accountability.
  3. Responsive to the needs and concerns of the customers and communities we serve.

Our guiding principles will promote:

Being a local, state, and national leader in providing fire and life safety services, including planning for regional and community development, and contingency planning for natural and man made disasters. Cultivating our employees, equipping them to be present or future fire service leaders. Collaborate relationships that enhance the quality of fire and life safety services in our area, avoiding costly duplication of services, programs, and equipment. Being an active and integral part of this region by actively participating in local and regional service organizations, business organizations, governmental advisory councils, and other community committees and groups that have complementary or similar missions. Being a "standing army" of trained, equipped, and strategically located individuals to meet the needs that result from: sudden illness or injury, hostile fires, natural or man made disasters, and other events that may lead to suffering.

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Emergency Operations

The dedicated men and women of the Fort Gregg-Adams Fire & Emergency Services Division respond to fires, rescue emergencies, hazardous materials releases, and medical emergencies throughout the Fort Gregg-Adams community to save lives and protect property and the environment. The division responds to emergencies from three fire stations staffed 24 hours a day. To augment emergency response capabilities the division has coordinated response plans with neighboring jurisdictions through mutual aid agreements and through active memberships in both the Crater Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team and Crater Regional Technical Rescue Team. Additionally Fort Gregg-Adams Fire & Emergency Services is one of only a few Army fire & emergency services divisions that provides fire-based Emergency Medical Services Advanced Life Support care and transport for their community. Through proactive training and a true desire to serve our nation’s most deserving customers, the men and women of Fort Gregg-Adams Fire & Emergency Services stand ready to support those that serve and their families in their greatest times of need.

Fire Prevention and Public Education

The safest most efficient means to surviving a fire is to not have the fire in the first place. The Fort Gregg-Adams Fire Prevention Office’s goal is to prevent injury, death and property damage as a result of a fire in the Fort Gregg-Adams community. This is accomplished by working with the community to: Ensure that all facilities are engineered, constructed and maintained in accordance with fire and life safety codes and regulations; Enforce fire safe behavior throughout all facilities and activities; and Educating the Fort Gregg-Adams community on how to prevent fires from occurring and survive those fires that do. The division’s staff of certified fire inspectors reviews all plans for new construction and renovation on the installation and visits construction sites throughout the building process. They routinely inspect existing facilities and activities for fire safety. Their certified fire investigators work diligently to determine the cause when a fire does occur. Fire Prevention is everyone’s responsibility and a successful fire prevention program requires community involvement. The Fire & Emergency Services Division provides fire and life safety education to thousands of Service-members, civilians and family members in the Fort Gregg-Adams community each year. To request free fire prevention training, to arrange a fire drill, or for more information on what you can do to make your home, office or activity fire safe call (804) 734-6597.

Firefighter Training

The Fire & Emergency Services Training Program is designed to ensure that Fire & Emergency Services personnel are fully qualified to meet the needs of the Fort Gregg-Adams community upon the occurrence of any fire, medical, hazardous materials, or rescue emergency. The proactive training program provides each firefighter more than 120 hours of training annually and includes participation in training events on and off the installation. Skill-sets are fine-tuned during more than two dozen full scale fire, rescue and HAZMAT exercises conducted throughout the installation each year. The division’s active participation with the Central Virginia Training Chiefs’ Association, Crater Regional Fire Training Officers’ Committee, and other emergency services organizations helps promote fiscally responsible training opportunities and better interoperability amongst first responders throughout the region. This aggressive, proactive training program is an integral component of the division’s ability to support those that serve and their families in their greatest time of need.

Emergency Medical Services & CPR/AED Training

The Fort Gregg-Adams Fire & Emergency Services Division provides advanced life support emergency medical response, care and transport for the Fort Gregg-Adams community. The division’s Fire-Medic Units are staffed by cross-trained firefighters who are nationally registered and state certified advanced life support providers. They use state-of-the-art equipment and participate in an aggressive continuing education program to provide emergency medical care in accordance with the Old Dominion EMS Alliance Pre-hospital Patient Care Protocols.

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training

Fort Gregg-Adams Fire & Emergency Services offers free CPR and AED training to the public. Classes are routinely held the second Tuesday and Saturday of each month. Pre-Registration is required by calling (804)765-3967.

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Contact Us

To report an emergency please call 911

Office Phone Number
Fire Chief 804-734-7918
Deputy Fire Chief 804-765-3698
Assistant Chief - Operations (A-Shift) 804-734-6041
Assistant Chief - Operations (B-Shift) 804-765-7950
Assistant Chief - Fire Prevention 804-734-6597
Assistant Chief - Training 804-765-3990
Assistant Chief - Emergency Medical Services 804-765-3967
Station Chief - Station 1 (Bldg. 3620) 804-734-7700
Station Chief - Station 2 (Bldg. 1530) 804-734-7037
Station Chief - Station 3 (Bldg. 9513) 804-734-6101
Fire Prevention Office 804-734-6597
Supply 804-765-1313
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