Army Career Skills Program (CSP) is a thriving addition under the Transition Assistance Program umbrella. CSPs also includes DoD Skillbridge programs, affords eligible transitioning Soldiers within 180 days of their separation/retirement date, the opportunity to participate in apprenticeships, on-the-job training (OJT), employment skills training (EST), and internships with command approval IAW DoDI 1322.29(JTEST-AI) and AR 600-81, Chapter 8. Both officer and enlisted soldiers can benefit from gaining employment skills as they prepare to transition from military to civilian employment and are encouraged to participate in CSP / DoD Skillbridge program opportunities. However, priority of attendance is to encourage and support opportunities to at-risk eligible transitioning Soldiers. For further guidance please reference, MILPER Message 23-202.

To learn more about current Career Skills Programs, download the
Fort Gregg-Adams CSP Current Programs (PDF)


CSP/DoD Skillbridge Eligibility and CSP Packet Submission Guidance

1. Soldier must be within 180 days of separation or retirement. Soldier’s submission of a PAR in IPPS-A with a request to retire or separate is sufficient for determination of the 180-day eligibility with Commander approval to participate.

2. Soldier must complete all TAP Career Readiness Standards (CRS) requirements. Determination is based on completed self-assessment and Tier level assigned by TAP Counselor.

3. Soldier must have Commander approval and adhere to CSP/DoD Skillbridge participation authorities referenced in MILPER Message 23-202, below:

  • Authority is granted to the Commander, IMCOM to approve and implement all CSPs/DoD Skillbridge programs not to exceed 120 days.
  • Authority is granted to HQDA G-1 to approve and implement all CSPs/DoD Skillbridge programs, to include Individual Internships that are 121 days or greater. Delegation of authority to The Adjutant General (TAG) is authorized.

4. Soldier may have additional requirements to be completed for program acceptance, based on CSPs/DoD Skillbridge provider.


Packet Submission to Fort Gregg-Adams CSP Administrator:

  • Complete IMCOM 45 Participation Memorandum  
  • If pursuing Individual Internship, a completed Individual Internship Agreement is required.
  • If attending a CSP more than 50-miles from your duty-station, Soldier must submit Request and Authority for Leave in IPPS-A.
  • Complete application materials by CSP/DoD Skillbridge provider, if required.