We are a team of HR professionals dedicated to supporting and empowering Soldiers, Civilians, Families, and Veterans worldwide in an era of persistent conflict. We will recruit, retain, and sustain a high quality volunteer force through innovative and effective enterprise solutions. We will ensure HR readiness of the Total Army across the full spectrum of operations.


  • Sustained Readiness
  • An Agile, Integrated, and Responsive HR Enterprise
  • A Valued HR Vision and Strategy

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Director: (706) 791-3840
Administrative Assistant: (706) 791-3840
Labor/Employee Relations: MER Specialist: (804) 765-4587/4594

  • Awards, Labor Relations, Leave Administration, Performance Management, Suitability Determinations, Unemployment Compensation, Training Personnel

HR Staffing / Classification Team: (706) 791-3840
Human Resources (NAF): (804) 765-0841
TRADOC Assistance: (573) 596-0927 or (573) 563-5150.


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