Our mission is to provide sustainment and field level communication & electronics, automotive (tactical and non-tactical), construction equipment, general purpose equipment, tent and furniture repair, COMSEC/CCI, weapons, and RESET maintenance support to organizations and activities assigned to, and supported by Fort Gordon.

We are located off of 15th Street and Barnes Avenue at the following building locations:

Bldg # 
C&E Maintenance
V&E Maintenance
C&E Work Control
V&E Work Control
COMSEC/Small Arms Work Control
Hand Receipt Additions/Deletions


Communications and Electronics (C&E) Maintenance

The C&E Main shop is located in Bldg 14608 and serves as the primary facility for sustainment and field level repair and service of both tactical and commercial electronic equipment and devices. Repair and services specialties include but are not limited to tactical and commercial radios, tactical communications node components, commercial two way radios (fixed, mobile, and hand-held), alarm and notification devices (ICIDS), vehicular traffic control and monitoring devices (AIE), night vision devices, DFAC equipment, security cameras, PA systems, CCA equipment, CBR detection equipment, audio visual devices and equipment, office automation equipment, computer and their peripheral devices, black laser printer toner cartridges refill, target devices, and target holding devices.

The normal hours of operations are 0730-1600 Monday through Friday. Given the dynamics and diversity of communications and electronics, questions concerning supportability of equipments should be directed to the customer service section at 791-2484.

COMSEC/CCI and Weapons/Small Arms Maintenance

The Communications Security (COMSEC) Repair Facility is located in bldg 14600. It provides sustainment and field level maintenance of COMSEC equipment in accordance with the guidelines of AR 25-12, AR 380-40 and TB 380-41. The hours of operation are from 0730–1600. The COMSEC Repair Facility supports all COMSEC classes of equipment and peripherals as identified in FEDLOG/ARMYLOG as TSEC items.

All weapons/small arms are repaired and inspected at the Weapons Maintenance Facility, located in building 14600. Normal operating hours for the weapons facility is 0730 to 1600 daily. For the purpose on inventory and accountability, weapons will not be accepted after 1530 hours. For assistance call 791-3485/3052.

Vehicle and Equipment (V&E) Maintenance

Organizations requesting maintenance support for tactical and non-tactical equipment will deliver the equipment and a maintenance request form, to the Customer Service Center, at building 14601. The Customer Service Center hours of operations are 0730-1600 daily.

The vehicles & equipment shop provides sustainment and field level maintenance support for a large variety of tactical and commercial vehicles, generators, trailers, and construction equipment. The vehicles & equipment shop also supports furniture repair, lawn mowers, body repair and painting. For assistance call 791-7606/3536.

Center of Excellence (COE), RESET Maintenance

The LRC, Material Maintenance Division provides reconstitution/RESET maintenance support for equipment deploying and redeploying. We provide a one shop stop for reconstitution/reset maintenance of vehicles, generators, trailers, weapons, shelters, COMSEC/CCI, signal components, and Environmental Control Units (ECUs). The Fort Gordon, Georgia IMO was designated the Center of Excellence in August 2006, specializing in the deep cleaning of shelter systems to include the removal/testing/repair of all components, removal of racks, static cleaning of CCA cards and modules, thorough cleaning of shelters interior walls and equipment, and cleaning of all filters.