Providing world class finance and accounting service for the military, the Army Military Pay Office at Fort Eisenhower provides military pay operations to Army Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Service Members. Our goal is to pay Soldiers what they are entitled to timely and with accuracy. We are a fully integrated financial service provider here to support and serve the brave men and women who serve our country and protect our way of life.

Permanent Party In-Processing
Soldiers arriving to Fort Eisenhower on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders must in-process finance. Soldiers have two ways to in-process:
1.    Sign up to attend the in-person briefing with finance. Please visit Darling Hall room 330 to sign-up and receive additional information.

2.    Attend the virtual in-processing briefing conducted every Tuesday and Thursday at 0900 on TEAMS. To attend via TEAMS, please click here to access the virtual Finance In-processing Briefing. (Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)

Smart Voucher will allow the Service Member to create a DD 1351-2 (Travel Voucher) and attach proper documentation such as: PCS orders, amendments, approved IPPS-A Absence request, lodging receipts. 

Two ways to access Smart Voucher:
1.    Go directly to Smart Voucher at or
2.    Visit the myPay home page (please do not log into myPay) and select Quick Links:

Permanent Party Out-Processing
CIF must be cleared prior to out-processing finance. Please bring a copy of your PCS order and IPPS-A absence form to Darling Hall, room 330.

DLA advances can be requested through Smart Voucher. Service Members are required to use their GTCC for all other PCS related expenses. Visit the Smart Voucher website to create a travel advance for DLA:

Separation Out-processing 
Please visit your unit S1 to schedule an appointment for all Retirement, ETS, and Chapter out-processing.

Reserve and National Guard Processing
Service Members assigned to the Fort Eisenhower area on orders for 30 days or more should visit the unit S1for the unit they are assigned to on the installation. The unit S1 will submit a copy of your orders and RLAS DA 5960 on a transmittal letter to the Reserve Pay email group box.

Contact Information


(706) 791-4635


(706) 791-1511

Supervisor: In/out processing/Travel/Debt Management

(706) 791-1556

Supervisor: AC and RC Processing

(706) 791-1573

Lead: In/out processing/Travel/Debt Management

(706) 791-1422

Lead: AC and RC Processing

(706) 791-1558

Separations Section

(706) 791-1388/7162

MyPay Pin Reset

(706) 791-1511/1573

Gillem Enclave Office and MyPay pin reset:

(404) 469-7983/7984

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