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The Fort Eisenhower Army Transition Assistance Program’s mission is to provide Service Members with the Counseling, Employment and education resources to achieve a· smooth and seamless transition. The program, not only, is committed to preparing Soldiers for transition and reduce the number of stressors they experience during transition; it connects Soldiers to employment, education, on the job training and credentialing opportunities. The TAP ensures all eligible Soldiers transitioning from Active Duty service have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to:

  • Be competitive and successful in the global workforce through employment assistance (in collaboration with Department of Labor and other federal Agencies).
  • Make informed decisions through benefits counseling (in collaboration with Veterans Administration).

Getting Started

Contact the TAP Office at 706-791-7333 or visit: 305, 8th Ave, Fort Eisenhower, GA 30905

Army Day:


CG Policy#14
Distributive Model
DOLEW-Participation Guide
NDAA_19_Implementation Army Directive

VA Benefits Resources


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Fort Eisenhower VA Benefits Advisor Team

Provides services designed to assist Service members, families and veterans with understanding of the benefits; they may be entitled to, upon verification of individual qualifying eligibility requirements. Benefits Advisors provide critical advice; based on knowledge of various VA benefits and services which include; but are not limited to: Key VA Employment Resources and Tools, Education and Career Counseling, Disability Compensation, other Monetary Benefits, Veterans Group Life Insurance, VA Home Loan Guaranty, Housing Options, VA Healthcare options and Burial & Memorial Benefits.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1600

Contact: 706-791-7333 (TAP Front Desk)

Location: Fort Eisenhower TAP office:
305 8th Ave
Bldg. 33800
Fort Eisenhower, GA 30905

VA Benefits Claims Representatives (BDD)Contact:
BOD/ Claims intake: All BDD participants/BDD correspondence/VA related inquiries to FTG.VBAATG@va.gov

BDD Hours of Operation: 0800 - 1630

Location: 405 Barnes Ave.; Bldg. 29610

Deshaun L. Bailey,



Devin Deck, Supervisor, PCT, IDES, BDD

Atlanta Regional Office



VHA Homeless Program: Doris Nelson, 706-787-3577, doris.nelson.civ@mail.mil

Other Veteran Resources:
VR&E: Patricia Welton, 706-787-8735, patricia.w.welton.civ@army.mil

Vet Center: Tim Prendergast, 706-729-5769, timothy.prendergast@va.gov


CFR 38 VASchedule of Ratings

VABenefits and Services

VA Education BenefitsVA Education Benefits


IDES Counselors (Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program):

Ade, Adeyemi 706-791-3034
James Wilson 706-787-8062

Tara Clark – 706-791-8193

Felicia Washington – 706-787-4823

230 Hospital Road
Bldg. 001
Fort Eisenhower, Ga 30905


Career Announcements

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Career Skills Program

For more information contact:
Mr. Charles "Chuck" Dawson
CSP Installation Administrator
Education Center
271 Heritage Park Lane Building 35200

Additional Info:

Go to CSP Portal

Reference: AR 600-81, Ch. 8: 34-38

CG's Policy Letter #14
CHRA CSP Application
CHRA Internship Flyer

Individual CSP:

DoDI 1322.29
Ethics Gifts
Ethics Post Employment
NAVADMIN 222 15 Skill Bridge
Skill Bridge Programs Navy
Skill Bridge Sample MOU

Employer Connect

Mr. London DuBois
Location: 305th, 8th Ave
Fort Eisenhower, GA 30905


Info to come…

Upcoming Events

Click HERE to check out the TAP upcoming calendar of events for job fairs, hiring fairs, special events and exhibitions happening around Fort Eisenhower and local communities.

TAP Participant Guides

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The United States Department of Labor 

   Career Transition           +       Vocational Training Workshop     +    Employment Workshop