You are eligible for a No Fee (Official) Passport if:

  • Military personnel in special assignment situations.
  • Family members traveling overseas on orders with spouse IAW HTTPS://WWW.FCG.PENTAGON.MIL.
  • DoD Government Civilian Employees who are on TDY or accepting a position to a country which requires a passport.
  • Contractors are not eligible for a No-Fee Passport

To check the passport and visa requirements for a specific country visit:

Units Movements and VIP Personnel: Please have your representatives call our office.

When you request an appointment, please provide an accurate depiction of your family (e.g. stepchildren, single parent, non-US citizen entitled family member) to allow us to better serve you and your family. We can better guide you on what documents you and your family need if we have a full understanding of your family.

When to apply for a government no-fee passport:
All active-duty military personnel, dependents, DOD Civilians should apply for a government “no-fee” passports after receiving a fully executed notification/order of their pending overseas assignment requiring an Official Passport for travel.

Everyone applying for a passport must appear in person. This includes all family members, regardless of age, who are applying for a passport and their sponsor.

Processing time for all passports:
October - March:   4-6 Weeks
April - September:  6-8 Weeks

Photos will be taken at the Passport Office. If wearing civilian shirt/top, please no white or light beige colors.

Passports with visa requirement:
Passports with visa requirement: additional time required, approximately 6-8 weeks.
* You must have your passport before the visa can be requested.
** Additional processing time may be required during peak season (March - July) and depending on the assignment.

Find Visa Requirements here for each country:

Application Information:
DS-11: Complete if never had an Official or Dependent passport (always used for children regardless of previous passport)
DS-82: Complete when renewing Official or Dependent (renewal application can be used ONLY IF the following apply)
        - Renewing the same type of passport (Dependent or Official)
        - Was at least 16 years old when passport was issued
        - Can submit that particular passport with application
        - Passport was issued less than 15 years ago
        - My name has changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect my name change 

Applicant (s) must log onto the following Web address and complete passport application/s. Passport Application (DS-11 or DS-82) Online/Typed (handwritten not accepted)

* If have a “Tourist” passport select “NO” when asked 'do you have a passport'. Whether you already have a tourist passport or not, fill out the online form DS-11 (Application for Passport). If you have a previous government no fee passport, fill out the information on the application (BRING PASSPORT) and the online form DS-82 will print for renewal. Once you complete the application online: you must then print a hard copy.


** Use a quality Inkjet or LaserJet printer.

 - Select “Apply for Passport Book.
- Complete form.
- Disregard the fees noted at the end of application.
- Click the “Create Form” button and print out the application. The application must have a bar code in upper left corner of page five. 

Document Information:
Basic Required documentation for government no-fee passport (s) as follows:

  • An original birth certification/Naturalization Certificate with raised seal or multi-colored seal from state vital statistics office is required. If you do not have this, you may use the following web address to obtain one: Birth Certificate(s) will accompany application packet but will be returned when Passport(s) are signed for.
  • Previously issued passports: (tourist, no-fee, official or diplomatic) may be used as birth evidence in lieu of original birth certification except for children under the age of 16, who must submit the original birth certificate with one or both parent’s full name on it. In addition, if there was a previously issued no-fee passport of any kind that too must be submitted.
  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Original or Certified copy of court documents showing legal name changes, custody documents, adoption, etc. A Copy of Orders (PCS, DEPLOYMENT, 1610, ETC…)
  • Military Identifications cards, Common Access Cards, Driver’s License
  • Firm job offer, not a welcome letter

The Following Documents are NOT acceptable evidence of birth:

  • Birth registrations​​​​​​​
  • Birth notifications abstract​​​​​​​
  • Hospital birth certificates​​​​​​​
  • Notarized birth evidence

BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS MUST BE PRESENT TO SIGN - If one parent cannot be physically present to sign, a Notarized statement, DS Form 3053 (ORIGINAL) can be submitted with application.  Form must have Identification portion completed, cannot be checked "Other" and state "Personally known to me" by Notary.  A copy of the Identification used (front and back) MUST accompany form.

If only one parent is listed on the birth certificate, the one listed will be the only one needing to sign for child.

To meet stringent audit accountability requirements within DoD, there is NO LONGER the issuance of passports for "JUST IN CASE," "POSSIBLE" or "MAYBE." Agents WILL REQUEST "ALL" applicants to provide orders or travel justification and the destination of required travel. Personnel not able to produce travel orders and/or travel justification due to classification of mission, must have an approved waiver from SIA. There are many types of orders documentation accepted for processing of passports to include FULLY EXECUTED: TCS, PCS, TDY, TAD, RIF, RAD, RFO, TEMADD, MOB, CTO airline reservation or itinerary Form 1610, Form 1614/1617, Med Form 555, and ENG Form 4960. FULLY EXECUTED

Schedule an Appointment:
Scheduling appointments for passports/visas processing and photos:

All passport/visa applications and passport photos are done by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
 Call: 706-791-4349 / DSN 780-4349.

Walk-ins will be rescheduled for a later time.
This office can only assist DoD affiliated organizations.

The passport/visa office is in:
Darling Hall,
Building 33720, Room 262
DHR MPD Strength Management
307 Chamberlain Ave.
Fort Eisenhower, GA 30905-5730

Points of Contact

Mrs. Vidella Jenkins, Military Acceptance Passport Agent
(706) 787-1767 

Mr. Rex Reed, Passport Administrative Assistant
(706) 791-4349/DSN 780-4349 

DHR / Passport Office mailbox:

Useful  Links:
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 Passport Applications (DS 11/DS 84  PDF FORMAT):
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