Home of the Cyber Center of Excellence

Fort Eisenhower, formerly known as Fort Gordon and Camp Gordon, is a United States Army installation established in 1917. It is the current home of the United States Army Signal Corps and Cyber Center of Excellence and was once the home of The Provost Marshal General School. The fort is located next to Augusta, Georgia to the southwest of the city. The main component of the post is the Advanced Individual Training for Signal Corps military occupational specialties. In 1966–68 the Army's Signal Officer Candidate School (located at Fort Monmouth during World War II and the Korean War) graduated over 2,200 Signal officers. Signal Intelligence has become more visible and comprises more and more of the fort's duties.  In March 2014, Fort Gordon was designated as the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence. On October 27, 2023 Fort Gordon was redesignated as Fort Eisenhower. 
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Fort Eisenhower has approximately 16,000 service members (including active duty, national guard and reserve) and another 9,000 civilian employees. The installation supports a population of roughly 80,000, including military Families, contractors, retirees and others.

Fort Eisenhower encompasses 55,596 acres. The installation is key to service member readiness, allowing troops to maneuver in more than 49 training areas, fire at more than 11 ranges or shoot artillery, mortars and other munitions into multiple impact areas.

Fort Eisenhower can be reached from Interstate 20, on the western edge of Augusta, Ga. Jimmie Dyess Parkway (Interstate 20, Exit 194) leads you directly to Fort Eisenhower’s main entrance for DOD ID Card holders and those with authorized Fort Eisenhower Access Credentials/documents. Or take the Bobby Jones Expressway (Interstate 520, Exit 196) then drive east on Interstate 520 to Exit 4 onto Highway 278 (Gordon Highway/Fort Eisenhower exit). These exits will lead you onto Fort Eisenhower through Gate 6; Fort Eisenhower’s Main Gate (Visitors and Commercial Access) or Gate 1 (McKenna Gate: DOD ID Card holders and those with authorized Fort Eisenhower Access Credentials/documents only).  Fort Eisenhower is approximately 140 miles east of Atlanta, 80 miles southwest of Columbia, S.C., and 122 miles northwest of Savannah, Ga. Located about eight miles southwest of Augusta, Fort Eisenhower is close to the Augusta metropolitan area and an easy drive to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. For a map and additional directions, visit our DIRECTIONS page.. ​​​​​​​

All DoD personnel entering the installation must present a valid DoD ID card to the Access Control guard at the access control point. When the Automated Installation Entry (AIE) system is active, DoD cardholders must have their DoD CAC scanned with the AIE Handheld device or swipe their ID card at the AIE pedestal.  DoD personnel who are not registered with AIE will automatically be registered with either device. 
DoD personnel who are not in possession of their DoD ID Card, can access the installation by either of the following; 

1.  DoD ID card holders that have registered the card through the AIE system, can be verified at the Visitor Control Center with another form of valid identification; DL, Passport or State ID. 

 2.  The DoD ID card holder can be verified in the AIE system as a Government employee, Retiree or Active Duty Service member. 

3. During operating hours of the VCC DoD card holders, in possession of a valid state issued DL or passport, can be processed at the Kiosk for issuance of a short term pass.

4.  If neither of the above is applicable or feasible, or it is after the closing hours of the VCC the individual will have to have someone retrieve their DoD ID and bring it to them at the VCC for entry.

All non-DoD personnel 18 years of age and older requesting access to Fort Eisenhower are required to obtain a favorable NCIC background check and a visitor’s pass at Gate 6 off Gordon Highway.  Upon arrival at the Visitor Control Center (VCC), the driver and all passengers 18 years of age and older must present the VCC staff with a valid driver’s license or state ID. 
If you are arriving for a graduation or other event, plan to arrive very early, or pre-register for access utilizing the Visitor Access QR code or link as the procedure for running background checks and issuing passes can take much longer than expected. 



All privately owned firearms, pellet guns, BB guns, bows, and crossbows stored on the installation must be registered with the military police within three working days of arrival or of obtaining the firearm or weapon.

Privately owned firearms may be brought onto Fort Eisenhower only for hunting, dog training, using shooting ranges, and participating in shooting or marksmanship events. Firearms must be registered with the military police using FE Form 9243-R-E. Complete information on registration, transportation, and use of firearms is available in FG Regulation 210-13, which is available along with the Personal Firearms and Weapons Registration Form.



In accordance with the Army Safety Program, AR 385-10, CH 11-9, all riders entering Fort Eisenhower must be properly licensed and wear the required Personal Protective Equipment to operate a motorcycle on post. PPE consists of Department of Transportation approved Helmet, eye protection, foot protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants, full fingered gloves/mittens.

Additionally, IAW AR 385-10, CH 11-7a(5), Motorcycle operators must successfully complete all required motorcycle training.  Motorcycle safety training consists of The MSF approved Basic Riders Course (BRC) followed by Experienced Riders Course (ERC) or Military Sport Bike Riders Course (MSRC).  For questions concerning these requirements, please refer to the AR 385-10 or call your safety office.

read the installation motor vehicle traffic code, regulation 210-3.



For the purpose of accessing Fort Eisenhower, vehicles used for a commercial purpose, such as construction / job trucks, vans not designed for passengers, moving vehicles, semi-trucks, FEDEX, agricultural vehicles (hay lease), etc. are required to use Gate 6 truck side, for additional vehicle screening. Vehicle occupants not in a possession of a current installation pass or installation badge are required to park in truck staging area, visit the truck side visitor control center then proceed through the truck inspection area for access.

Vehicles that are designed to transport passengers, including: passenger vans, commercial busses, etc., can access Fort Eisenhower through any of the gates with proper identification.

For the purpose of accessing Fort Eisenhower, oversized vehicles that is not tied to weight or dimensions will access through the truck side of ACP 6; truck lanes will accommodate oversized load deliveries.

All commercial and oversized vehicles will be inspected and logged. Bill of lading or invoice must contain an address on the installation. All occupants must be vetted and possess an installation pass or badge. DoD ID card holders, retirees or dependents operating a commercial vehicle must possess an installation pass or badge.

For more information on what qualifies as a commercial vehicle and what is a passenger vehicle, please call (706) 791-9018/3071.