Family_on_vacation_web.jpgThe Fort Eisenhower Garrison Safety Office as the Installation Safety Office is the primary support agency for all safety maters on Ft. Eisenhower and the Gillem Enclave. 

Our Vision

  • Support the Garrison Commander, Senior Commander and tenant unit commander’s in providing a safe and healthful living and working environment for Service Members, civilian employees, contractors, and their families
  • Increase the Fort Eisenhower Army mission effectiveness, readiness and force protection by providing safety support and assistance with all mission activities
  • Reward Fort Eisenhower and the Gillem Enclave personnel for exemplary proactive S&H performance
  • Promote safety as a core value rather than a priority

Our Mission

  • Facilitate the protection of Army personnel and the preservation of property against accidental loss through the use of safety support and development of risk management processes for all missions and activities
  • Provide Fort Eisenhower a full range safety and occupational health services
  • Oversee implementation of the Commander’s safety and occupational health program
  • Provide assistance with enrollment and conduct training for the Army Traffic Safety Program and Motorcycle Riders training program
  • Provide explosives safety through arms rooms inspections and licensing for all units on Ft. Eisenhower and the Gillem Enclave
  • Oversee the Army Radiation Safety Program and Respiratory Protection program to include other safety programs as directed by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense