dining_facility.jpgThe Dining Facilities primary customers are military service members. DA Civilians and DA Contractors are permitted to eat in the dining facilities at this time.

Effective 1 October 2015, the LRC Food Service will no longer provide ice support.   It is the responsibility of the Unit to establish an account with Reddy Ice and use their Government Purchase Card (GPC) to procure ice for their mission.  Reddy Ice will provide an ice container (at no cost) for units to receive, store, and issue ice.  Other agencies such as Boy Scouts, JROTC will be supported by their sponsor.  Units who purchase minimum requirements of ice will use other commercial procurement methods to purchase ice.

Food Service Team




Food Program Manager
Food Service Specialist
Contract Manager
Operation Manager
(706) 831-2978
Quality Manager
(706) 513-6550
SSMO Supervisor
SSMO Clerks

Requesting Food Service Support
The Installation Dining Facilities are here to primarily support military service members. DA Civilians and DOD Contractors that possess CAC are permitted to eat in the Installation Dining Facilities at this time. DA Civilians and contractors are permitted to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner meals during normal meals hours. All other categories of civilians may subsist in the dining facilities during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Army Birthday and when approved by the Garrison Commander.

The Fort Eisenhower Form 7444 is the primary form for units to request food service support from the Installation Dining Facilities. The FE 7444 must be submitted to the Installation Food Service Office IAW Class 1 SOP. The FE 7444 can be filled out and submitted electronically by email. The form is used to request services such as:

  • Field food support
  • Serving period changes
  • Authorize civilians to utilize installation dining facilities
  • Opening and closing dining facilities
  • Subsistence support for unit organization days

Soldier Fueling Menu
The following cyclic menus are offered at the Initial Entry Training (IET) Dining Facilities (DFACs).

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