Have you registered in Alert! Mass Warning Notification System?

Alert Mass Warning Nofication System graphic.jpgAlert! MWNS is NOT optional - it is a Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) requirement to be a registered user.

The Army has fielded a new emergency messaging system, called the “Alert! Mass Warning Notification System,” or MWNS. MWNS replaced the AtHoc notification system on Fort Eisenhower in Nov of 2019.

MWNS is Army-owned, and with it comes the requirement for commanders and leaders to ensure everyone within their unit or organization is enrolled and notifiable.

All 76 Army installations are migrating to the system by February 2020, and unlike AtHoc, which was optional, Alert! MWNS is mandatory. All DOD military and civilian personnel and contract support personnel whose normal place of duty is on a DOD installation or within a DOD facility, and are considered part of the primary population and are required to register in the Alert! System. These users must ensure that their personal contact information, including after-duty hours contact information (e.g., personal cellular phone number or landline numbers, email addresses, home address, etc.), is entered into the system and regularly updated or verified every 90 days to remain current and accurate.

Alert! also allows users to add up to 10 different phone numbers to include family members.

Accounts that Army personnel use through the new system are designed to follow personnel through their Army careers, whether as a civilian or uniformed service member, in the United States and abroad.


What is Alert! Mass Warning Notification System?

Alert! MWNS gives the chain-of-command the ability to notify you in the event of emergency. The Alert! MWNS can communicate via desktop pop-up, telephone, SMS, and email. Ensuring your information is updated and correct will help increase notification capabilities and response times in emergency situations.


What is the Registration Process?

The first step you should take to register in Alert! is to visit the self-registration site; a CAC is required:


Once there you will be walked through the registration process.



Those with additional questions regarding the Alert! System, or with registration issues, should contact the Alert! Helpdesk at (866) 515-0551 or email usarmy.detroit.rdecom.mbx.em2p-help-desk@mail.mil.