Directs and coordinates all Installation level Operations to include Ceremonies, OPORDS and Events. The division is responsible for defining, planning, managing, drafting, updating and publishing operations/functional plans and orders, and related documents dealing with Army and Joint requirements, in support of FE events. Manages and coordinates mission support projects, taskings, actions, and programs. Leads staff coordination with installation staff, schools, training brigades and directorates to make possible the execution of CCoE events. Prepares decision papers, staffing papers, information papers and develops briefings to support DPTMS operational and mission requirements. Assumes the lead, setting the IPR schedule and directing post-level meetings for planning and setting taskings to implement major installation events such as Special Olympics, Conferences and Staff Assistance Visits.

Division Functions:

  • Operate the IOC/EOC
  • Plan/manage installation and community taskings
  • Provide funeral honors / Red cycle detail support / ceremonial support via the Installation Support Detachment
  • Support Force Integration / Transformation operations
  • Operate Common User Auditoriums ( Signal Theater)