Our Role
The US Army Garrison– Fort Eisenhower performs base support operations to enable mission readiness and provides an enhanced quality of life for the Service Members, Families and Civilians of Fort Eisenhower and the Gillem Enclave.


Our Vision

Be the premier multi-mission, multi-service military installation in the Army.

Who We Are

We are a determined team serving our community and making the city of Fort Eisenhower run.

Our Values

Sincerity: “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”
Pride: It is an honor to serve our military and I know that my efforts make a difference. I am proud of serving my Nation. I will represent the US Army Garrison-Fort Eisenhower with pride.
Trust: I will do the right thing when nobody is looking. I will be candid, truthful, fair, and forthright. I will be a good steward of our resources.
Respect: I will be cordial, approachable, courteous, polite, genuine, and caring.
Dependability: I am dedicated, focused, and invested. I will exert my maximum effort. I will be accountable, predictable, and reliable.

Garrison Lines of Effort

LOE 1: Sustain, Support, Defend
Our core mission. We ensure that our Service Members are prepared to fight and win our nation’s battles
LOE 2: Transformation & Growth
We are growing and transforming to become a Force Projection platform for the 21st Century
LOE 3: Quality of Life
We will ensure our Service Members, Civilians and Families are cared for like family
LOE 4: Partnerships & Team Building
Building partnerships to become a nationally recognized destination for cyber work, life and play.


Information Dominance: A Modern Power Projection Platform


Leadership Responsibilities

  • We will provide a positive Command climate where everyone is treated with dignity and respect..
  • We will provide a supportive, caring, work environment where each individual’s contributions are recognized and appreciated.
  • We will foster a climate that makes people want to be a part of the Garrison Team.
  • We will provide the required training environment that promotes your professional advancement.
  • We will coach, educate and mentor.
  • We will clearly outline our expectations.

Employee Expectations

  • Do the routine things routinely.
  • Execute your job legally, morally and ethically.
  • Support the Team.
  • It is your responsibility to create a work environment of teamwork so that the needs of our customers are met.
  • Be an ambassador of the Garrison in and outside of the work place. Always talk positively. Communicate any concerns to the appropriate person.
  • 100 percent effort is expected and it is recognized that you may not always accomplish the task.