Guidance on cloth face coverings.jpg

The 10th Mountain Division (LI) has issued additional guidance on cloth face coverings.

  • Soldiers are authorized to wear the neck gaiter and other cloth items, such as bandanas and scarves, as face coverings. This guidance applies both indoors and outdoors, and while in uniform. Everyone will use good judgment in choosing a mask or cloth face covering.

  • Service members will not wear masks or cloth face coverings that have profanity, racist, demeaning or derogatory logos, script or imagery.

  • The medical white and light blue type / style mask is authorized with all uniforms.

  • Cloth masks or face coverings should be washed daily.

  • Do not wear the N95 respirator mask. Those should be reserved for medical personnel.

  • Do not wear high-altitude training masks in uniform.


Remember – the mask is not intended to protect you from getting the virus. It is intended to protect the spread of the virus, as you may be asymptomatic and not know that you have the disease.