Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program


The goal of the SHARP Program is to create a culture free of sexual violence and harassment, and retaliatory behaviors through a multi-faceted approach. The program has two overarching responsibilities; prevention and response.

The Fort Drum SHARP program aims to assist commanders at all levels in executing their responsibilities to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and associated retaliatory behaviors.

Our services include providing support at all levels of prevention -- primary, secondary, tertiary. This may be done through education and training, response capability, victim support, reporting procedures, and appropriate accountability that enhances the safety and well-being of all persons covered.


More Information

For more information or for assistance with a sexual harassment complaint or sexual assault, contact the Fort Drum SHARP office to connect with a certified SHARP professional.


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SHARP Resource Center


Bldg. 10013, South Riva Ridge Loop

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday



Contact Information:

Division SHARP Office

(315) 774-2196

(315) 774-2728

(315) 774-2143



Fort Drum SHARP Hotline:

(315) 767-6128

DoD Safe Helpline:

1 (877) 995-5247