1.  Does Range Control have an email address? 

Yes, USARMY.DEVENS.93-SIG-BDE.LIST.FORT-DEVENS-RANGE-CONTROL@MAIL.MIL is the Fort Devens Range Control email address which is used for modifying training events, cancelling training events and basic questions. A range technician will reply to your questions/concerns. However as always a request submitted through RFMSS is the primary to for scheduling training.

2.  Can we use the new M16/M4 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) Ammunition on Fort Devens?

No, due to the increased Safe Danger Zone (SDZ) of DODIC AB57 and AB58 are not authorized for use on Fort Devens.

3. How do military units set up to use Fort Devens ranges?

Military units are require to schedule by using Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS), this will allow units to check on availability, schedule and verify the status of range requests and view the Range Daily Bulletin.

4.  How do private companies set up to use Fort Devens Ranges?

Private Companies must contact the Range Control Officer at (978-615-6071) to secure a license to utilize Fort Devens, be prepared to provide DOD contract related information and range requirements which would be used.  Once approved the company would contact Range Control at 978-615-6071 for scheduling procedures.

5.  How do military units schedule Ranges?

Military customers should contact Range Control at 978-615-6071 to request access to the web based RFMSS.  Customers must provide the following information: Unit/UIC/address/number of personnel/Point of contact name/phone number/email address.  Once approved Range Control will issue a Unit ID and Unit Name which will allow a customer to set up a RFMMS account to use the system.  Each individual customer must login to RFMSS and create an account. Once the account is approved the customer will have access to the web based RFMSS site to check on availability and submit reservation requests.

6.  What range do I use for firing various systems?

The Fort Devens Range Regulation is available on AKO (you must have an AKO account to view the documents, click here.  In Appendix B of this regulation is a complete listing on all Ranges, Facilities, and Training Areas.  This list will provide the type of range, number of firing points and type of targets.

7.  How do I get maps?

All topographical maps are ordered through the normal supply channels. The Fort Devens Military Installation Map 1:50,000, Series V714S, Edition 1-DMA. The DMA Stock Number is V714SFTDEVENMIM, ED. NO. 001. An alternate source is from the SRP website at https://srp.army.mil , from which the latest Fort Devens Map can be downloaded.

You may also view a Range Map on the AKO Fort Devens Range Page.

8.  Are there Port-A Johns on the Ranges and Training areas?

Most ranges and facilities have one or two Port-A-Johns on them, to verify this contact Range Control at 978-615-6071 for the range or facility you intend to use.  If your unit is extremely large, you may need to consider additional units.  None of the training areas have Port-A-Johns and units are required to contact DPT Billeting at (978) 615-6055 to make arrangements for units to be placed in the training area.  Army reserve units are funded through the DPT and other units are encouraged to take advantage of this good contract rate. 

9.  Can I drive my POV down range?

No, exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Range Control Officer for privately-owned vehicles (POVs) in training areas and ranges.  No POV’s will be authorized down range after noontime on Friday through 0630 on Monday.  All POV’s authorized on South Post will have a pass issued by Range Control.

10.  What specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do I need for each Range?

The requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are outlined in Appendix K of Fort Devens Regulation 350-3, which is available at the Fort Devens website.

11.  Can civilian guests to the Range be allowed to visit and fire weapons?

No, Fort Devens Regulation 350-3, 7-14 states “Civilians will not be allowed onto the South Post tactical training areas unless specifically authorized by the Range Control Officer.”

12. Can I fire my personally owned weapon on Ft. Devens Ranges?

Members of training units will not bring privately owned weapons or ammunition to ranges or training areas.  The only firing of privately owned weapons is in conjunction with the Fort Devens Rifle and Pistol Club.  This is the only recreational organization currently authorized to schedule and utilize ranges.  The club may be contacted at 978-456-3604 for information on membership and scheduled use.

13. What range equipment does Range Control provide and what does the unit need to bring?

Range control provides range flag, safety paddles, staple guns with staples, and targets. The units are expected to provide, all other items such as updated copy of the Field Manuals, Technical Manuals, score cards, clearing rods, engineering tape, bug spray and anything else that Range Control does not supply.

14. Do all the ranges require the same planning?

A: Scheduling the Automatic Live Fire Shoothouse, Demolitions and Mortar Firing requires additional safety and planning considerations. All information is outlined in their perspective or Fort Devens Regulation 350-3. The publications can be found on AKO.  Please refer all question to a Range Technician at (978) 615-6071.