Range OIC/RSO Certifications– All certifications rosters will be signed by battalion commanders IAW DA Pam 385-63 Chapter 1-7 Paragraph c. Also the Certification roster will be turned in to Range Control no later than 14 days prior to the first day of scheduled training. No changes, updates, or new rosters will be accepted the 3 days prior to the training event.  

Safety Certification Program – OIC/RSO Certifications are required to be update annually and turned in to Range Control NLT 1 October and updated as necessary.  PERSONS NOT CERTIFIED AS OICs/RSOs WILL NOT SIGN FOR RANGES. IAW Fort Devens Regulation 350-3 Chapter 7-2 paragraph a.

Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) – All units will schedule all training through RFMSS NLT 14 days prior to training event. Memorandums and emails will not be accepted.

Public Affairs Support – No civilian media is authorized on South Post without the approval of the Range Control, the PAO office, and the Installation IMG_7445.JPGcommander. 

Demolitions and Modifications of Training on Ranges - No modifications are authorized on any range without the approval of the Safety Officer and the Range Control Officers. A detailed plan is required for all demolition training. All plans must be turned in 30 days prior to the training event and will include SDZ’s to standard.

Ammunition – The new enhances M4/M16 round DODIC AB57 and AB 58 are not authorized on Fort Devens. 
Non-military issued ammunition is not authorized to be brought on South Post without the permission of the Range Control Officer. All non-military ammunition which was not issued by the Fort Devens Ammunition Supply point will be confiscated.

There are modern small arms ranges with both paper and pop up targeting, allowing units to sharpen their skills with M9, M16, M203, M249, MK19, and M240/M60 machine Guns. The range complex wouldn't be complete without a Demolition Range, Mortar Pits, Hand Grenade Range, and a Sniper Qualification Course.

Fort Devens offers 26 training areas for land navigation, orienteering, and conducting any small unit Field Training Exercises (FTX), and a drop zone in its Tactical Training Area.

25 Facilities on South Post

Automated Live Fire Shoot House
Urban Assault Course
MOUT Course
Two Basic Compass Courses
Leadership Reaction Course
Vehicle Recovery Course
One AAR/Classrooms
Confidence Course
NBC Chamber    

Tactical Training Base
IED Petting Zoo
Rappel Tower
Convoy Operations Course
Two POL Training Sites 
Three Refueling Sites
Turner Drop Zone
Two ROWPU Site
Two Bridge Sites Wet/Dry


Upcoming Facilities/Projects

F4 LRC (Leadership Reaction Course) update: Projected to be completed in 2019. To remove any old and rotted wood and upgrade materials as necessary.

- F5 Obstacle Course update: Projected to be completed in 2019. Overall upgrade will remove old and rotted obstacles and add new obstacles.

- Hotel Range: extending the length of the range. Project expected to be completed in 2022