EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESWE'RE HIRING!Interested in employment opportunities at USAG Daegu and Area IV? You can browse for open positions and submit your application at

RESUME ASSISTANCEThe Family & MWR Army Community Service's Employment & Readiness Program provides resume assistance and virtual job fairs.

POLICY ON FAMILY MEMBERS & SPOUSESFamily members (Korean citizen, U.S. citizen, and third-country citizen) of active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces and of U.S. civilian employees of U.S. Government agencies assigned in Korea will be considered for vacant USFK Korean National (KN) positions when there are no qualified KN candidates in higher priority groups.

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Volunteer Opportunities The Army Community Services  offers can connect you with  local volunteer opportunities. 

Adopt-A-School Program

Contact the Area IV School Liaison Officer at DSN 763-4560/Commercial 05033-63-4560 or email


Army Wellness Center






Girl Scouts

Red Cross

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United Service Organization (USO)

Join the team! Searching for volunteers to assist during special events, such as Taco Tuesdays, or to help us man the shop during the day or on weekends for 1-3 hour shifts. Call the USO at 05033-64-4438


Coming Soon (Late 2020)

coming soon (late 2020)

Dance and Fitness Instructors:

FMWR is looking for talented instructors to join our team! We are looking for experienced instructors to help enrich the community programs. Dance/ Photography/ Martial Arts/ Robotics/ Languages/Theater/Arts and Crafts/ Sewing/ Musical Instruments/ TRX/ Spin/ Step/ Pilates/ Bootcamp/ Kickboxing/ Yoga/ Zumbua/ Cardio Sculpt/ Functional Fitness. 
Instructors for Child & Youth Services DSN 763-4554/Comm 05033-63-4554
Fitness Instructors DSN 763-4551/Comm 05033-63-4551
Instructors for Recreation DSN 763-4565 / Comm: 05033-63-4562