Your "one-stop" for in-and-out processing and Soldier services.

The Soldier Support Center consolidates key services to facilitate timely and efficient in-and-out processing for military and civilian personnel and families. It is now easier for USAG Daegu community members to find what they need in one stop.

1st Floor

Administrative Services Division 1st floor dsn: 763-4331 *closed for lunch 12-1 pm

D-BIDS/Ration Control 1st floor dsn:763-4707 *last customer at 4:30 p.m.*2nd Floor

DEERS/CAC/ID Card Office 1st floor dsn: 463-4979 *last customer at 4:30 p.m.*

Housing Office (FMO, UH, AFH, HSO) 1st floor dsn: 763-4573 *closed for lunch 12-1 p.m.*

Transportation 1st floor  *closed for lunch 12-1 p.m.*

   TRANSPORTATION (CLEARING)                                                      DSN: 763-0717 

   TRANSPORTATION (LOCAL MOVES)                                              DSN: 763-0715 

   TRANSPORTATION (MOVING OUTSIDE AREA IV)                       DSN: 763-0719 



vehicle registration office 1st floor dsn:763-4708 *last customer at 4:30 p.m.* *closed for lunch 12-1 p.m.*

2nd Floorarmy-community-service.png    wic.jpg

Army Community Service (ACS) 2nd floor dsn: 763-4426 *Open during lunch*

Women, Infants & Children (WIC) 2nd floor dsn: 763-5989 *last customer at 4:30 p.m.*

3rd Floorred cross.pngva.jpgB3_DHR_Soldier-for-Life-Career-Fair_SFL-Logo.jpg

American Red Cross 3rd floor dsn: 763-5987 *open during lunch*

Commercial Travel Office (CTO) dsn: 768-6174 3rd floor *CLOSED FOR LUNCH 12-1 P.M.*

drivers testing & Licensing 3rd floor dsn: 763-4509

Military Personnel Division (MPD) 3rd floor dsn: 763-4875

Transition Assistance Program 3rd floor dsn: 763-4925 *closed for lunch 12-1 p.m.*

Veterans Administration 3rd floor dsn: 763-4926 *by aPpointment*

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