Welcome to Fort Cavazos Rail Operations Center


Fort Cavazos Rail Operations Center Mission

  • ​​​​​​The ROC supports loading/unloading of equipment and the movement of railcars.
  • Issues, receives, maintains, and accounts for the Installation deployable container assets.
  • Process off post convoy clearances through the Joint Task Force and Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Provides assistance in determining Blocking, Bracing, Packing, Crating and Tie-down requirements and cost estimates.
For more information, download their tri-fold. 
Rail Tie-down Training
Schedule Rail Tie-down training by contacting the Deployment Coordinators at least 30 days prior to the desired training date.
 Phone Number: (254) 288-7680
Convoy Clearance and Container Requests
Blocking, Bracing, Packing, Crating and Tie-down Assistance