The Transformation Course was previously called People First Annual Training or PFAT. It is a three day course that is focused on conducting immersive collective training of an organic unit from the Commander to the Private. The Transformation Course enhances the Soldier's foundational knowledge, and gives them an opportunity to see firsthand the power of attacking harmful behaviors in both classroom and scenario based environments. Additionally, the course encourages the Soldiers to strengthen their understanding of their identity, allowing them to better answer the question “Who Am I?" Ultimately, individuals who better understand themselves and share their vulnerabilities with others create a more cohesi​ve, trusting, and lethal team.​


The People First Center conducts immersive collective training of Companies/Troops/Batteries and certifies leaders in special duty skills through Advocacy Creation Courses (ACC) in order to reduce harmful behaviors, while building trust, cohesion, and lethality amongst our Team.


People First Center is the Army's benchmark installation-level program for whole of population investment in our people.

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