To provide principled counsel and premier legal services, as committed members and leaders in the legal and Army professions, in support of a ready, globally responsive, and regionally engaged Army.


In an increasingly complex and legally dynamic world, remain the most highly trained and values-based Corps of adaptive, ready, and dedicated legal and Army professionals who excel in our Joint Force and Army missions, at home and abroad, both today and against emerging threats.


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The III Corps and Fort Cavazos Consolidated Client Services Office provides advice and assistance on legal problems including, but not limited to, military administration actions (Investigations/GOMoR/FLIPL Rebuttals), domestic relations, nonsupport, landlord/tenant, consumer protection, and immigration. It also offers assistance in the preparation and notarization of documents such as powers of attorney and wills. It is recommended that you make an appointment to have all leases, agreements, contracts, etc., reviewed by Client Services before signing.

Hours of Operation
The Client Services (Legal Assistance) Office is open for legal assistance by appointment only.
To contact Client Services please email: usarmy.cavazos.iii-corps.mbx.sja-legal-asst@army.mil

Client Services offers Walk-Ins for powers of attorney and notarizations on Monday-Thursday from 1300 to 1600. Check In for Walk-Ins Hours Online HERE

Please submit all claims inquiries to: usarmy.cavazos.iii-corps.mbx.sja-claims@army.mil

If you are seeking advice on adverse military administrative or criminal matters (i.e. Article 15, Administrative Separation, Courts-Martial), please contact Trial Defense Services at 254-287-0476 or visit them at Building 330, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue, Fort Cavazos, Texas, 76544.

Eligible Clients
Per US Army regulation, the following persons are eligible to receive legal assistance:

  • Active Component members of the Armed Forces and their Family Members.
  • Reserve Component members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty more than 29 days, and their Family Members
  • Active and Reserve Component members of the Armed Forces who are receiving military retirement or disability pay ("gray" card retired Reserve Component members are not eligible for assistance).
  • Department of Defense civilian employees against whom pecuniary liability has been recommended under AR 735-5.
  • Department of Defense civilian employees who are to deploy to a combat zone, but only for matters related to their imminent deployment.

Special Victims' Counsel (SVCs) are attorneys that provide legal counsel to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. To determine client eligibility for an SVC, potential clients may call the Fort Cavazos 24/7 duty phone line at 254-702-2187. The potential client must be:

  1. A victim of a sex-related offense under the UCMJ, or a victim of certain domestic violence-related offenses;
  2. The perpetrator of the offense must be a service member on active duty or in an active duty status, and;
  3. The victim must be eligible for legal assistance services (i.e. active duty service members, Army Reserve or Army National Guard Soldiers in a Title 10 status or active duty training status, their dependents, and some Army Civilians). The SVC's mission is to provide confidential legal representation and to ensure their clients have a right to be reasonably heard and present at military justice proceedings. A survivor's report of assault and the subsequent administrative and courts-martial processes can be difficult. SVCs are prepared to help their clients navigate and understand this process, looking out for their legal interests, and zealously advocating for their expressed interests.

The Fort Cavazos Federal Litigation Office is responsible for the administration of criminal justice for all offenses committed by civilians on Fort Cavazos. In addition, the Federal Litigation team handles all traffic and driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses committed by service members on Fort Cavazos.

Our offices are located at the Fort Cavazos Federal Magistrate Court, Building 5794, Fort Cavazos, TX 76544.

The III Corps and Fort Cavazos Administrative Law Section provides legal advice to the command teams and other staff sections of III Corps and the Fort Cavazos Garrison. The Adlaw section serves as the principle authority on all aspects of Administrative and Civil Law at Fort Cavazos, including government ethics, civilian and military personnel law, administrative investigations, relationships with private organizations, contract and fiscal law, environmental law, and labor law. The Adlaw section also conducts hearings for the installation driving suspension program, provides officers for Article 32 preliminary hearings, and manages the financial disclosure program for senior leaders.

General Phone Number: 254-287-3655
General Mailbox: USARMY Ft Hood III Corps Mailbox SJA ADMIN CIV

The National Security Law Office advises the III Armored Corps Staff on international law and the application of that law to military operations. This includes jus ad bellum, Geneva Conventions, human rights, war crimes, and the national security structure, as well as more practical applications of international law such as means and methods of warfare, detention law, cyber law, intelligence law, and rules of engagement. The NSL Office also participates In the Corps strategic planning, contingency response missions, and readiness exercises to enable the Corps Commander to accomplish his or her mission with legal, ethical, and moral legitimacy.

The Military Justice section of the OSJA is responsible for reviewing law enforcement investigations and empowering commanders at all echelons to make informed decisions on all disciplinary actions. Military Justice manages all disciplinary actions ranging from administrative reprimands and non-judicial punishments through the punitive judicial process at courts-martial.