The Army Traffic Safety Training Program is mandated under AR385-10.  It comprised of courses for the safe operation of motor vehicles and motorcycles.  These courses are only available to Active-Duty service members assigned to or supported by Fort Cavazos.  DAC personnel may attend the RDT course.

The following courses are offered under this program:

  • Intermediate Driver Training required course for the under 26YO driver.
  • Remedial Driver Training course is offered for the correction of risky driving behavior.  Enrollment may be command directed or by the magistrate court for traffic violations on Fort Cavazos.
  • Basic Rider Course Updated required course for the new motorcycle rider.  This is a two-day course.
  • Advanced Rider Course the follow-on course required for the experienced motorcycle rider.  Taken with one year of completion of the BRCu.  This is a one-day course. 
  • Motorcycle Refresher Training the course is required after a deployment greater than 180 days. The course is taught by the unit using the approved POI available from the Army Safety Center.

Fort Cavazos is using the Army IMCOM Registration System for course registration.  Prospective students need to follow their unit training policy for enrollment.  This is the link to AIRS.

Please check the Garrison Safety Office page marquee for class cancellation information.  Classes are canceled for not meeting class minimums or severe weather conditions, i.e., severe thunderstorms, lightning, extreme temperatures, etc.  You will not be penalized for not showing up based on weather conditions.

Courses are published in AIRS mid-month for the following month.  A course information document, which includes course number, description, prerequisites and PPE required is available here: COURSE INFORMATION

Motorcycle Training Progression Graphic