Attention Fort Cavazos Education Center Customers:

Soldiers interested in enrolling in BSEP must attend a MANDATORY brief to receive their Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) referral.  Soldiers must take the TABE to determine BSEP eligibility.  The BSEP brief will be held every Monday at 1045 in the Education Center (Building 33009, 761st Tank Battalion Ave).  Soldier will check-in at the front desk (G201) and the brief will start promptly at 1045.

Email us at for additional information or with questions.

The Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP) provides on-duty remediation in reading, mathematics, and test taking skills.

BSEP classes are closed on III Corps training holidays and federal holidays. 

The goals of the program are to:

  • Improve job proficiency

  • Raise GT scores for career advancement and reenlistment purposes

  • Increase potential for completing higher education and vocational technical programs

Eligibility:  Soldiers looking to increase their GT score to a 110 or higher are encouraged to enroll in BSEP. Commanders may recommend enrollment in BSEP for Soldiers who do not meet reenlistment requirements or who may benefit from an academic refresher.


  • Attend a MANDATORY BSEP brief to receive a TABE referral. The BSEP brief is held every Monday at 1045 (check-in at the front desk).

  • Take the TABE. The TABE is offered every Monday at 1300 and Tuesday at 0900 and 1300 in room D208 (don’t forget to bring your TABE referral).

  • Upon completion of the TABE, look at the BSEP Schedule and choose one potential Foundations class, Core class, and BSEP Bootcamp class and fill out the BSEP Student Record. Bring the BSEP Student Record to room D200.

  • Once we receive your TABE results, we will email them to you along with the BSEP Enrollment Form for the course you qualify for, a sample DA 4187, and all the information needed to enroll in BSEP.

  • Return the BSEP Enrollment Form before your proposed class begins to room D200 or via email. Classes are filled on a FIRST COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS; we stop accepting enrollment paperwork when a class is full and stop accepting ALL enrollment paperwork one week before a class begins.

Attendance is MANDATORY so DO NOT enroll in a class if you have planned leave, appointments, field exercises, etc. during your proposed class dates. If you have any questions, please email the BSEP Team at:

Unit classes MAY be organized with advanced notice.  Contact the BSEP Manager for information or your assigned unit Education Counselor for more information.