Mission: Provide the best quality unaccompanied housing in order to preserve and enhance the All-Volunteer Force and reinforces our commitment to providing a quality of life commensurate with their service and sacrifice to the nation. Unaccompanied Housing (UH) is a branch in the Directorate of Public Works Housing Division, which is an element of Fort Cavazos Garrison. We also ensure newly-constructed buildings and renovations meet Army requirements and are outfitted with furnishings, fixtures, and equipment to meet Soldiers' needs.
Clearing procedures: Soldier cannot clear their Barracks room any earlier then 72 hrs. prior to departure through Company or Barrack management. Once cleared the will bring their clearing paperwork, Barrack termination letter, copy of orders and leave from to Building 49017 on Santa Fe Ave. There one of the Housing Manager will stamp both the termination letter and the post clearing paperwork.
Basic principles:
1. Support the Mission:  Provide Senior Commanders flexibility to ensure single Soldiers are afforded world-class living arrangements.
2. Take care of Soldiers:  Provide quality accommodations and furnishings.  Minimize changes to Soldier room assignments.  Maintain good order, discipline, health, and welfare.
3. Use resources wisely:  Ensure the effective, efficient, and equitable management and use of unaccompanied housing.
4. First Sergeants is the Face of the Army Barracks Management Program ABMP:  First Sergeants will execute day-to-day barracks operations, and integrate ABMP into NCO training core competencies.
5. ABMP: Promotes accountability and ensures quality facilities and furnishings
Unit Roles:
• Maintain good order and discipline • Manage barracks using Enterprise Military Housing, eMH database • Address maintenance and repair issues
• Participate in partnering sessions • Enforce, conduct assignments and terminations procedures, inspections
Garrison Roles:
• Train, mentor, and partner with unit leaders • Manage certificates of non-availability • Ensure program compliance and reporting • Conduct maintenance and repair • Perform master planning, annual and long-range work plans and project management • Perform Installation Status Report services and infrastructure inspections • Ensure responsible budget stewardship and accountability • Real Property Management; establish unit footprint
Soldiers' Roles:
• Following established rules of conduct and joint occupancy of living in quarters • General housekeeping, such as cleanliness of room, closets, kitchenette, latrines, appliances, shared space, common areas • Actively promote energy conservation • Report incidents of vandalism, neglect
• Responsible for visitors’ actions, negligence • Report all maintenance requirements
 The Army’s database of record Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) is for First Sergeants, Company Commanders, Supply NCOs to execute day-to-day barracks operations. DoD’s web-based housing management system authorized for use in barracks management. Secure, electronic management tool for barracks room assignments, terminations, furnishings accountability, inspections, utilization, and reporting are properly managed. Provides leaders with real-time data on where Soldiers live, occupancy status, maintenance requirements, and inspection history Enables leaders to cross-level assets at battalion and brigade levels to ensure equitable distribution of barracks across the installation


FY23 Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) Training Schedule

GOAL: To enable Soldiers to gain a working knowledge of the enterprise Military Housing System (eMH). This training is focused on the process of assignment and/or termination of unaccompanied housing, hand receipts, furnishings, blocking and un-block spaces, run and print reports. This training is geared to enable 1SGs or representatives to better manage the barracks and ensures the validity of Training data. All request for eMH training must complete the above eMH Training /Barracks Manager Duty Assignment example memo and email it to: usarmy.hood.id-readiness.list.dpw-uh-company-housing@army.mil or to your Area Manager.

*** All Training Classes will be held at Furnishings Management Warehouse (BLDG 49015). 

So please utilize this opportunity to secure your spot!

eMH FY24 Class dates new.png

Please Note: Available dates are subject to be altered/rescheduled/or cancelled as mission or situation dictates. Therefore, it's imperative that all submissions be processed and approved Three (3) days prior to the selected training dates, or the possibility of attendance could be denied.