Mobile Kitchen Trailer/Combat Kitchen Wash Facility

The Mobile Kitchen Trailer/Combat Kitchen (MKT/CK) are used to sustain groups of military personnel during field operations. The MKT/CK is used for remote sites where food service specialists and field kitchen equipment are not available or to support training exercises. Call P2 Services at (254) 286-5993 to schedule an appointment for the MKT/CK Wash Facility.

Clarus Parts Washer Servicing

Parts washers are provided to the unit/activity to clean equipment components in a safe and efficient manner. Failure to operate a parts cleaning unit correctly may result in excessive air emissions potentially becoming an Air Permit violation.

  • The parts washer lid must remain closed when equipment is not in use.
  • Personal Protective Equipment, eye protection and solvent resistant gloves, must be worn when operating the parts washer equipment.
  • Clean any trash or debris out of parts washer after each use.
  • Call P2 Services at (254) 286-5993 to report the problem or request service.​​​​​​​

Vehicle and Tank Defuel

Fuel storage containers or vehicles containing fuel residue may be dangerous during maintenance. Defueling and Purging of vehicles and equipment may be necessary. Defueling of vehicles or equipment must be done prior to purging appointment. Call P2 Services at (254) 286-5993 to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to provide a name and telephone number for point of contact along with the organization name (BDE and MSC, as applicable) and DODAAC.