Military Enrollment for Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) Course

Class registration must be done using the III Corps and Troops Schools Application Form (FC 350-7).  This is NOT a Troop School, so you will have to fill this form MANUALLY.  Social Security number is NOT necessary for enrollment. Enter date and course name on application. 

In block “c” please ensure the correct email address for the student is placed on the application.  Course #, Building #, and Room # are not required.  The Commander (CDR) must sign above the printed name in 2e.

EAP must be signed by the CDR only, NOT the 1SG.  The EAP must be manually or CAC signed.  Typed is not sufficient. Student must be in the rank of SSG or above to serve as the ECO.  Ensure students military email address is on application.  If you need assistance, please contact 254-402-9431.

Military Enrollment for ECO Assistant Course

Follow the same enrollment procedures above. Note, however, there is no rank requirement for the ECO Assistant course.

Military Enrollment for ECO Refresher Course

Follow the same enrollment procedures above. Additionally, attach a copy of your latest ECO certificate to the enrollment form.

Civilian/Contractor Enrollment for Environmental Training

Must be enrolled by their Supervisor, Contracting Officer Representative (COR), or Program Manager (PM).  The Supervisor, COR, or PM can send an email with the student's name, date of class, name of class, and company name.

Enrollment Confirmation

Once enrolled, all class information will be distributed via email, 2-3 weeks prior to course start, to the Service Member/Civilian and CDR/Supervisor. If registration is sent via email, the sender will receive enrollment confirmation along with course details and additional instructions.

Changes & Disenrollment

If class changes occur, the Service Member/Civilian and CDR/Supervisor will receive an email. The only person who can disenroll the Service Member/Civilian is the CDR/Supervisor.  Disenrollment can be an email sent directly from the CDR/Supervisor or a signed memo from the CDR/Supervisor.  All disenrollments must be in writing and received prior to the course date.