ECAT provides support to units, garrison directorates, and tenants as they relate to environmental compliance and management. ECAT assesses all facilities in concert with an activity’s Environmental Compliance Officers (ECOs) in order to protect the installation from unnecessary fines and environmental violations by assessing facilities on a biannual and annual basis.

ECAT offers the following services to help an activity identify deficiencies, help correct them, set procedures and policies in place, and maintain an effective environmental program:

  • Assistance Visits
  • Courtesy Assessments
  • Formal Environmental Program Assessments
  • Environmental Training

Whether it’s a military unit, contractor or civilian organization, all Fort Cavazos activities are formally assessed either semiannually or annually by a checklist of environmental requirements. During a formal assessment, an ECAT member walks through an area accompanied by an activity’s ECO.

ECOs serve as the backbone for a unit’s environmental program, overseeing compliance in its areas of operation and provide environmental training to all personnel. ECOs are provided the assessment checklist to understand Installation’s standards and the environmental aspects of daily activities.