Fort Cavazos Cultural Resource Management is responsible for ensuring Fort Cavazos is in compliance with Federal laws and regulations governing cultural properties. These laws include Section 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the Archaeological Resource Protection Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. Management of cultural resources is guided by Army Regulation 200-1 (Environmental Protection and Enhancement). This is accomplished through an active management program that identifies and assesses archaeological sites, historic buildings, early military infrastructure, and other resources like sacred sites. The program focuses on balancing training requirements and cultural resource stewardship responsibilities. The goal is to minimize training restrictions while preserving significant irreplaceable cultural resources.

If you have questions regarding any of the cultural resource laws or regulations, project consultation, historical resources, artifacts, archaeological sites or former landowner sites give us a call. If an inadvertent discovery is made of archaeological materials (Native American artifacts, Historical Military artifacts, Historic Euro-American artifacts or human skeletal remains), all work in the immediate area will stop and notify the Fort Cavazos Cultural Resource program for further guidance.

Program activities:
  • National Historic Preservation Act 106 project review and consultation
  • Prehistoric and historic site inventories and evaluation
  • Site preservation and protection
  • Native American consultation
  • Curation artifacts and records
  • Public outreach and education
DOs and Don’ts:
  • Do follow procedures for excavation and digging and ensure your digging in the right spot.
  • Do Report artifacts and finds (arrowheads, bone, historic artifacts, historic military artifacts).
  • Do report misconduct and the intentional looting or artifacts (it is a felony violation to dig for artifacts).
  • Do ask about cultural resources.
  • Don’t collect artifacts and fossils.
  • Don’t collect rocks associated with archaeological sites.
  • Don’t dig on or at archaeological sites.