The Mission Training Complex is a unification of existing capabilities that build a versatile team across the III Armored Corps and Garrison training spectrum to integrate the live, virtual and constructive training environments.
The MTC plays a critical role in supporting the commander's overall training strategy and should be the commander's single point of contact and subject matter expert for all mission command training and training support.  The MTC enables both individual and collective training and provides the simulation/stimulations required to execute training and exercises for all echelons.  The MTC provides various mission command training capabilities that enhance unit readiness through individual and collective training events.  The Mission Training Complex includes the Mission Command Training Complex at building 22044, the Warrior Skills Training Center at building 22027 and the CCTT at building 22028.

As today's Army transitions into one of unparalleled complexity and lethality, high quality training to take full advantage of available information remains a crucial aspect of ensuring success on the battlefield.  Resources available through the MTC can provide commanders the foundation for command and control when conducting unified land operations.

Our mission is to provide training enablers for commanders to conduct individual, leader and collective Mission Command Training.  We are very adept at providing training to commanders and their staffs that is fully tailorable and most importantly, based on the Commander's training objectives.  We work for you and will provide your unit the necessary training to enhance your ability to achieve command and control / mission command proficiency.  We would recommend that you schedule an OPD/ NCOPD/leader development session with us to tour our facilities. Unless your training objectives take you beyond a normal training day, all our facilities, training courses and enablers are at NO COST.

To schedule any of the Mission Training Complex assets, please see the contacts listed for that asset to the right.