Operations & Maintenance Division (OMD) Line Marking Procedures

All proposed Line Marking requests must be approved through the OMD Line Locate Office located at Building 40001
(IAW Standard Operating Procedure for Line Markings (DPW-OMD-001) dated September 2021.


  • Before submittal of any DPW-OMD Line Marking Form, please ensure to submit an appropriate FH form 200-10 to DPW Environmental at USARMY Ft Cavazos IMCOM Central Mailbox DPW ENV Dig Permits. Upon approval of the 200-10, please complete and submit a DPW-OMD Line Marking Form (DPW OMD 001, 11 March 2019).
  • Please print and fill out DPW-OMD Line Marking Form or click HERE to e-mail the OMD Line Locate Office. Our team can provide you with the form and additional required information for line marking approvals.
  • Furnish the following information:
    • Name and Email address of requestor (Box 1)
    • Name of organization (address and telephone number)
    • The purpose of the line marking request and contract number (if applicable)
  • Allow at least 10 business days for scheduling. During peak periods, this time frame may vary. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule as much in advance as possible.
  • Line Marking Forms are valid until project is complete as long as utility location markings are maintained by the requestor and excavation is started within 14-days from all utility asset markings. Each requestor performing land excavation must obtain a valid Line Marking Form for excavation within the identified and approved area. If excavation has not begun 14-days after approval, the form is no longer valid and the requestor will be responsible for submitting a new Line Marking request.
  • Soldiers who need to get a land excavation permit for training areas will need to contact Range Control at 287-8707.


  • Come during regular office hours to pick up your validated form. 
  • For more information on OMD Line Locate Office, please click HERE to e-mail the OMD Line Locate Team.

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