Any construction project or training on Fort Cavazos that includes excavation or penetration of the surface of the ground or any impoundment or use of surface waters, must first obtain an approved FC Form 200-10 for Land Excavation and Water Use, most commonly referred to as a Dig Permit. 

A Dig Permit is required for any disturbance of soil (mechanical or hand digging) and includes excavation, stake placements, grounding rods, fighting positions, signs, and any other type of ground disturbance or penetration. Surface water use would include pumping water from a ditch, pond, lake, or other water body for use on a construction site or for a military training exercise. Using water from a potable water source such as a faucet or hose does not require a water use permit.
All Soldiers, contractors, or private individuals must have an APPROVED FC Form 200-10 Dig Permit BEFORE beginning any excavation or surface water use.

Military Training Dig Permits

Permits for digging or staking in a Training Area or on a Range must be submitted via email to Range Operations - ITAM. For more information, stop by the Fort Cavazos ITAM Office at Range Operations, Bldg. 56000, Rm. 185, off Murphy Rd.; contact the ITAM GIS Specialist at 254-288-4650; or visit the Fort Cavazos ITAM webpage.

Completing the Dig Permit

Since requesting a Dig Permit indicates that the project is about to break ground, all other project required permits, such as a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Air and Waste Permits, or other required authorizations (e.g. DA Form 4283) must be obtained prior to submitting a dig permit and requesting utility locates.

You can obtain the FC Form 200-10 Dig Permit here.  Save this form to your computer, fill out the front page completely, and email it to DPW Env Dig Permits. If additional information is required, you will receive an email with the requested information. Once all required information for the request is provided, you will receive an email confirming the submittal of your request and the assigned control number. If you do not receive a confirmation email or a request for more information within 3 business days, call 254-287-4507 or 254-287-3220.

If you need to pick-up and/or submit a hard copy form, you can visit the DPW Environmental Division, Bldg. 4622 at Engineer Dr. and 79th St (next to the 79th St. ACP), during the hours of 0730 – 1600 to obtain and drop-off the form at the front desk.