Fort Cavazos Visitors Center Information

Marvin Leath Visitors Welcome Center

Hours of Operation:

5 a.m to 9 p.m daily

Marvin Leath Visitors Welcome Center is located just off Interstate 14 (U.S. Hwy. 190) on T.J Mills Blvd, Building 69012, adjacent to Fort Cavazos Main Gate. The Visitors Welcome Center provides visitor access passes for non-DoD ID card holders, AIE registration services and Fort Cavazos firearms registration services. You can always get more information by calling the Marvin Leath Visitors Welcome Center at (254) 287-9909

Visitors may apply online for a pass from their computer or mobile device at Visitors will receive a background check, and after entering their information, including a valid driver’s license or state identification card, they will be notified via text if their pass is approved or denied. If approved, they can proceed to a gate, scan the identification used for access or use the kiosks at the Visitor Welcome Center for issuance of their pass.

A sponsor is not required when applying for a pass online but does require a valid purpose for visiting Fort Cavazos. This could include a day pass, multi-day pass, visiting family or friends, business, recreation, or reoccurring visits.


North Fort Cavazos Visitors Welcome Center

This location is PERMANENTLY closed.



Other Services Offered

Texas Driver's License

The Texas Department of Public Safety provides the following services next to the Visitors Welcome Center, Building 69005 by APPOINTMENT ONLY:


•Address changes

This office does not administer driving license tests, road tests or provide vehicle registration services.

Hours of operations: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed for lunch from 12 to 1:15 p.m. daily and on some federal and state holidays.

For more information visit:


Bell County Vehicle Registration Office

The Bell County Tax Assessor-Collector Office provides the following services in Building 69004, attached to the Visitors Welcome Center.

•New Texas Residents Vehicle Registration


•Title Transfer

•Disabled Parking Permit

•Military Personnel Vehicle Registration and Titling

•Out of State Vehicle Registration and Titling

•Out of County Vehicle Registration and Titling

This office does not provide driver’s license services.  It can only be used by Bell County residents.

Hours of operations: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Closed for lunch during minimal staffing and on all federal and state holidays.

For registration requirements, call (254) 933-5318 or visit:


Q: I am a DOD ID cardholder will I need to complete this background check?

A: No. If you are a DOD ID cardholder, after registering your ID for local use the AIE system provides continuous vetting and access is granted in accordance with Force Protection Conditions and established installation command guidance.

Q: If I am a CAC or DOD ID cardholder, will I be able to escort people on post if they are in my vehicle? Will those I am escorting be required to show ID at the gates?

A: No. Current policies and command guidance require that all personnel accessing the installation are in possession of an installation pass credential. The Trusted Traveler Privilege is suspended at Fort Cavazos. All vehicle occupants 18 years or older will need to be in possession of a valid state or federally issued photo ID.  

Q: If I am a DOD ID cardholder and I forget my ID on post, will I be required to complete this check?

A: Yes. DOD ID cardholders who are not in possession of their ID must process through the Visitor Welcome Center and receive a temporary pass.

Q: If I am a military member or spouse will I be able to sponsor an individual to obtain a pass for reasons like at-home childcare, therapists, visiting family, babysitters, house cleaners, etc. If so, what is the process?

A: Yes, the sponsor must accompany the individual to the VWC to complete the registration process to receive an installation access pass.

Q: What is required to request installation access?

A: A valid, unexpired government issued photo ID; REAL ID.  If the individual is driving a vehicle, they must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. 

Q: When is the Visitor Control Center open?

A: The Marvin Leath Visitors Welcome Center is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. After hours visitors may obtain a One-Time entry pass at the Bernie Beck Main Gate.

Q: How long is this pass good for?

A: A visitor pass may be issued for a short term or long term as necessary based on the circumstances and need in accordance with Army Regulation 190-13.  Short term is defined as not to exceed seven days and long term is not to exceed 365 days. Passes are issued as required and not for personal convenience, in accordance with Army Regulation 190-13.

Q: Do I have to do this every year for all my employees?

A: Yes. Every time a pass or badge is renewed the employee/visitor will go through the complete request process.

Q: Can I use a passport?

A: Yes. You may use a valid, unexpired US passport for identity and to complete the required vetting (foreign passports must be accompanied by a valid visa permit, ESTA Form (if required) and sponsored by a DoD ID Cardholder); however, if you are driving, you will also be required to provide a valid driver’s license.

Q: What is the estimated time to complete these checks?

A: Current times are estimated to be 5-7 minutes for background checks and approximately 2-3 minutes to print and issue a pass or badge. These times are after your number is called and sit down with a clerk. Overall wait times will vary based on the number of customers at the Visitor Welcome Center.

Q: What if I ride the bus and the other passengers don’t have an ID?

A: The bus driver will be responsible for ensuring all personnel boarding the bus are in possession of an installation access credential or entitled to Fort Cavazos access before boarding. If personnel (over the age of 18) are found on board not entitled to installation access the bus will be denied access and redirected to a Visitor Welcome Center, causing significant delay.

Q: What do I do if I’m sponsoring a large event on post?

A: Organizations who are sponsoring large events (10 or more individuals) on post will have a link sent for guests to provide their information for access.  Please Contact the Operations and Security Division Special Events planner at 254-287-7029/254-618-7758 for further guidance.

NOTE: These requests should be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the event so it can go through the review and staffing process.

Q: If my employee is denied access due to an unfavorable NCIC check, how can I get them access?

A: The denied person may request reconsideration using the Access Denial Waiver Process outlined in Army Regulation 190-13.  They may request a waiver packet at the VWC.

Q: What derogatory information can deny me entry onto Fort Cavazos?

A: If the NCIC check finds any of the following information, you will be denied entry onto Fort Cavazos:

·         The NCIC-III check contains criminal information about the individual that causes the senior commander to determine that the individual presents a potential threat to the good order, discipline, or health and safety of the installation.

·         A claimed identity that cannot be verified based on the reasonable belief that the person submitted fraudulent identity information in the attempt to gain access.

·         Current arrest warrant in NCIC, regardless of the offense or violation.

·         Current bar from entry or access to a federal installation or facility.

·         Conviction of crimes encompassing sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, production or possession of child pornography, trafficking in humans, or drug possession with intent to sell or distribute.

·         Conviction for espionage, sabotage, sedition, treason, terrorism or murder.

·         Being registered as a sex offender.

·         Felony conviction within the last 10 years, regardless of the offense or violation.

·         Felony conviction for a firearms or explosives violation, regardless of when the conviction occurred.

·         Engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. government by force.

Q: How does the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID Act impact access onto Fort Cavazos?

A: Personnel requesting unescorted access to the installation must be in possession of valid REAL ID, in accordance with Army Regulation 190-13. All personnel not in possession of a valid Real ID must present a secondary ID.  The below list has been approved by Fort Cavazos as acceptable forms of secondary ID:

·         Non-DoD United States government issued credentials.

·         Valid state-issued driver’s license or State issued ID (must be REAL ID compliant) NOTE: State issued IDs which are not REAL ID compliant are not valid for unescorted installation access.

·         Gold Star Family ID Card

·         Armed Forces Exchange Services Privilege Card

·         U.S. DOD/Uniformed Services Civilian Geneva Convention ID

·         Passports, to include a U.S. passport, a passport issued by U.S. territories with a valid entry stamp or a foreign passport with a valid visa or entry stamp.

Q:  I am a commercial delivery driver how do I access Fort Cavazos to make my delivery?

 A. All commercial traffic must process through the Clarke Road Truck Inspection Facility located off the Clarke Road exit 277 on West bound I-14 (HWY 190).  Do not attempt to enter through the Bernie Beck Main Gate or process through the Visitor Welcome Center.

Q: Can I use my DBID, AIE, or Gold Star Access card from another Installation to access Fort Cavazos?

A. Yes, however you must register the card with Fort Cavazos Visitors Welcome Center prior to access being granted.

NOTE: If you have additional questions not covered here, contact us at (254) 287-9909.