Fort Cavazos is experiencing a transportation revolution with the launch of the Cavazos Connector, a comprehensive transit system designed to enhance the quality of life for Soldiers, civilians and their families. This fare-free service promises to reshape the daily experiences of the Fort Cavazos community.
The Cavazos Connector consists of two systems working in tandem: the Circulator Route and the MicroTransit System. 

CIRCULATOR ROUTE:  This route operates in the heart of Fort Cavazos and has 28 high use stops including the hospital, Commissary, Exchange, bowling alley, Copeland Center, gyms and shoppettes. The route operates so that a full cycle can be completed in 20 minutes. One bus operates in a clockwise direction while another bus operates in a counterclockwise direction.  Both buses are labeled so passengers can easily determine which direction each bus is going as they approach the bus. The Circulator route does not require a reservation to ride; riders can get on and/or off at any of the 28 marked stops.

MICROTRANSIT SYSTEM:  This system consists of five zones that function like popular ride share services such as Uber™ and Lyft™. One zone covers barracks areas and four zones cover family housing areas. A rider can be picked up within the zone and taken somewhere within the same zone, an adjacent zone, or to the circulator route. 

As of March 2, 2024, all micro-transit zones are operational. Trips can be booked through the HOP/Cavazos Connector App or by calling 254-933-3700 and speaking with a scheduler. 

Cavazos Connector circulator route Microtransit System