Supports the movement of personnel and cargo on aircraft for deployments and redeployments throughout the world for training, mission and contingency operations

Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group Mission


The ADACG will provide the knowledge and skill necessary to ensure effortless deployments and redeployments of troops as a designated Army Power Projection Platform and one of two Mobilization Force Generation Installations. A/DACG personnel will provide an irreplaceable skill set, by giving the units the technical expertise to deploy at a moment’s notice.


Deployment Planning

Contact ADACG upon notification of movement to set up an air co-ordination working group. (NLT 35 days prior to ALD)


  • Define processes and requirements

  • Establish call forward and loading schedules

  • Establish container and prejoint inspection schedules

  • Confirm mission requirements and movement data

  • Verify load plans meet mission intent



Key Contacts

 A/DACG Supervisor                         (254) 288-1118

Lead Traffic Manager                      (254) 288-2829

Traffic Manager                               (254) 287-4873