DPW Environmental Division Air Quality Team has responsibilities of the following:

  • Oversees the implementation of the Fort Cavazos Ozone Depleting Substances Management Plan/SOP.
  • Oversees and implement policies that address compliance with 40 CFR Part 82.
  • Tracks refrigerant usage for all AC&R equipment.
  • Calculates refrigerant leak rates for AC&R equipment that contains 50-lbs or more of an ODC and maintain records of such.
  • Reports leak rate exceedance to EPA via CDX
  • Notifies shop supervisors of any AC&R equipment that exceeds its’ leak rate threshold.
  • Coordinates with the EPA requests for extensions and or waivers for AC&R equipment that cannot be repaired or retrofitted/replaced within EPA timelines specified in 40 CFR Part 82.
  • Maintains the refrigerant compliance database.
  • Maintains a back-up copy of all service technician certification cards for all AC&R related work involving refrigerants or their substitutes, equipment registrations with Fort Cavazos DPW Environmental and service logs of equipment with 50-lbs or more of refrigerant.