Emergency Telephone Numbers USFK Area I

Barracks Emergency DSN (315) 722-5317 /Commercial: 0503-322-5317
24/7 Soldier Crisis Hotline (For barracks emergency work orders, or personal issues) 

Military Police
USAG Casey 730-4417 05033-30-4417
USAG Red Cloud 732-6693 05033-32-6693
Camp Stanley 732-5319 05033-32-5319
TMC USAG Casey 730-6142/4320 05033-30-6142
USAG Red Cloud 732-7379 05033-32-7379
Camp Stanley 732-5621 05033-32-5621

Fire USAG Casey 911 05033-30-2089
USAG Red Cloud 911 05033-32-6617
Camp Stanley 911 05033-32-5676

Emergency off-post Number
Korean National Police 112
Korean Ambulance 119
Korean Fire Department 119

Suicide Hotline

On-Post: 118 Off-Post: 0808-555-118

Area I Korean National Police Stations
Uijeongbu 849-3329
Dongducheon 869-0300
Yoncheon 834-7733
Pocheon 536-0112
Paju 956-5329

What to Do if you have an Emergency
Living off-post can be difficult if you have a medical emergency. The thing to remember
is to remain calm.
To call for Medical Emergencies from off-post you must dial 119. This is a Korean
Ambulance that will take you to the nearest Host Nation Hospital. The DOD Post
Ambulance can not respond off-post.
If you live off-post you must call the Korean Fire Department. They also use 119 as the
emergency number.
If you need assistance from the Korean Police then you must dial 112. The Military
Police can respond off-post, from your cell phone dial 031-869-5096 and this will call
the on-post 911 service line.

The emergency dispatch off-post for medical and fire is 119 (Korean Police is 112);
however, you can dial (02)-1339 from any landline or cell phone to reach an Englishspeaking
emergency dispatch.
In the instance of a medical emergency, a Korean ambulance will be dispatched to take
the patient to the nearest Host Nation Partnership Hospital. The DOD Post Ambulance
cannot respond to off-post emergencies. For Area I, the only Host Nation Partnership
Hospital is St. Mary’s in Uijeongbu.
**For those enrolled in TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Prime and are seen at a Host
Nation Partner Hospital, there will be no upfront costs.
** For those not enrolled in TOP Prime, or if you are seen at a non-partner host nation
hospital, the costs for medical treatment are paid upfront. Afterwards, file your claim and
receipts with TRICARE for partial to full reimbursement (based on your TRICARE plan) at
DSN 05033-36-7236
** For more information about TRICARE coverage plans and Host Nation Partnership
Hospitals, visit http://www.korea.amedd.army.mil/tricare

Auto Accident: Jah-Dong-Cha-Sa-Goh
Fracture: Gol-Juhl
Burns: Hwa-Sang
High Fever: Go-Yuhl
Cardiac Arrest: Shim-Jang-Bak-Dong-Jong-Ji
Miscarriage: You-San
Heart Attack: Shim-Jang-Ma-Bee
Not Breathing: Ho-Heup-Jong Jeh
Chest Pain: Gah-Seum-Tong-Geung
Seizure: Bal-Jak
Excessive Bleeding: Kwa-Da-Chul-Hyul
Unconscious: Eui-Sik-Bul-Myong

Need to Know Information
To call any military (DSN) number in Korea from a cell phone or civilian number, dial 0505
and the seven digit telephone number. DSN access number 0505 only works in Korea.
Area I Commercial Calls
To place a call from the U.S. to a commercial (non-military) phone in Area 1,
dial 011-82-31-XXX-XXXX
To place a call from Korea to the U.S. 001-Area code-XXX-XXXX
Korea Operator Assistance
Off-Post Operator Assistance 114

To reach an operator from any military installation dial the following:
Operator Assistance 0
U.S. Army Installations: 113
U.S. Air Force Installations: 411
To reach an operator when calling from off-post in Area 1, dial 869-1110
To call a commercial number in Area I or any cell phone from a military phone, dial 99
and then the number.

Telephone Access
To call USAG Casey from the U.S., dial 011-82-31-869-XXXX (LAST 4).
To call USAG Red Cloud or Camp Stanley from the U.S.,
dial 011-82-31-870-XXXX (Last 4).
To call an off-post number in Area I from the U.S.,
dial 011-82-31-Local number.
To call USAG Casey from a cell phone or civilian number,
dial 05033-XXXXXX (LAST 6).
To call USAG Red Cloud or Camp Stanley from a cell phone or civilian number,
dial 05033-XXXXXX (LAST 6).
To call Military Information from off-post, dial 869-1110.