Gate #1 (Visitor Center):                                    Open 24 hr
Gate #2 (Mon.-Fri. 6-10 a.m. & 2-6 p.m.):    Open
Gate #3 (Commercial & Tactical Vehicle)​​​:  Open 24 hr
Gate #4 (Kolsangdong Village):                     Open 24 hr 


6/8 New Weekend Bus Route to Camp Humphreys ($20 Round Trip) beginning 13 June 2020.

Bus Schedule

Bus Schedule6/3 New Soldier for Life/Transition Assistance Program phone number DSN: 722-4135 / Commercial: 05033-22-4135

6/2  New Post Office procedures 

5/29 DA Photo Servies are unavailable. Nearest Da Photo studio is at Camp Humphreys. 

5/23 The CIF is closed until June 6.

5/11 New Client Legal Services Phone Number DSN: 315-722-1055 Commercial: 05033-22-1055

5/10 Updated Work Order numbers: Work Order Reception branch: DSN: 722-4542/4543/4544 Housing Team: DSN: 722-4798

4/27 The Tax Center is now closed.

4/1 Due to a shortage of CAC's at Camp Casey ID card office.  Only essential CAC's will be made at this time.  Essential CAC's are cards that are expiring in the next few days or cards with chip problems for mission essential personnel.  All other categories will be reviewed on a case by case bases.  Cards we ordered well in advance, but due to the CORVID-19 CONUS crisis, shipments have been delayed.  We will continue to monitor and inform the communicate the situation.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

For the latest updates related to COVID-19, please visit the official USFK page:

Housing Hotline: Submit a work order at DSN 730-4401/Commercial: 050-3330-4401. For emergencies that have not been adequately addressed through the routing work order, please call DSN 722-5317/Commercial: 050-3322-5317.


US Army Garrison Camp Casey