The Soldier and Family Fitness Network, a series of fitness trails that connect throughout Fort Campbell, provides Soldiers and their Families, as well as civilian employees, is a dedicated area where they can walk, run or bike safely away from traffic. Much of the main portion of the trail network is conveniently located near the hub of post activity and Family housing which makes it easily accessible for lunchtime exercise or an evening stroll.

The 13.1-mile main trail is slowly being constructed for the Fort Campbell community and will eventually be the length of a half marathon.

Although construction on the trail is ongoing, there are smaller secondary trails that continue off the main trail.

The secondary trails that connect to the main trail are there so Families and Soldiers can use them more for recreation than actual training. DPW plans to create a lot of the secondary trails so people do not have to complete the entire 13.1 miles.

The project is so large that DPW employees have to work on small sections at a time. Sometimes where they want to place the trail may need to change because of existing structures.

Plans include developing a route Soldiers can use for physical training purposes going along Mabry Road and Market Garden Road that would take them into other trail networks on post.