The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) helps Soldiers and their Families recognize and prepare for the unique challenges of military lifestyles. Our services include classes and workshops on topics such as parenting, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, and other topics that build or strengthen healthy relationships.   

ACS FAP also leads Fort Campbell's annual awareness campaigns on Teen Dating Violence, Child Abuse Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, and Safe Sleep with the goal of strengthening military Families.  

There are three sections within FAP which are Prevention Education, New Parent Support Program, and Victim Advocate Program.  In addition to these three sections, FAP also coordinates the response to reports of problematic sexual behavior between children and youth.

February is nationally recognized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) and this year's theme is "Be About It".  ACS FAP leads Fort Campbell's campaign.  The Banner Design Contest is one of our initiatives and we ask military affiliated teens to help us design banners that will be published throughout the month.  Participants are encouraged to incorporate the theme in their original artwork.  Information about the national campaign may be found at: Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention | Info on Teen Dating Violence (  For more information about the Banner Design Contest or other TDVAM initiatives, call (270) 412-5500.

Training and Educational Programs

Parenting Workshops

A complete parenting workshop focused on children 1-5 years of age in four-sessions to address basic skills for new parents, caregivers, and early childhood staff training. 

A video-based interactive program provides parents with the skills they need to meet the challenges of rearing children in today's turbulent society. Designed for parents of children ages 5 to 12. Topics include understanding behavior, responsibility, natural & logical consequences and communication.

Parenting class focused on teens. Topics include responsibility and discipline, building courage, strategies to prevent high-risk behavior and parenting for adulthood.

Provides the guidance and support you need to turn stepfamily challenges into opportunities for growth and satisfaction--not just for the kids' sake, but parents as well. It gives parents in stepfamilies hope to develop the skills they need for a healthy, peaceful, active, courageous, and loving family.

A parent education program for divorced, separated, living apart parents, step-parents and other caregivers. Reduce family conflict with healthy communication. 

A single session class that focuses on how parents can incorporate, "discipline that teaches responsibility". The session covers proper use of communication techniques; and the use of natural and logical consequences. The learning process incorporates watch and learn vignettes; group discussion and some relevant activities. 

Interactive workshop for all Fathers to help strengthen the bond with their children. Topics of Discussion: children's developmental stages, identifying roles the father plays in the Family, identify factors that help and hinder your bond, and discover discipline techniques. 

Based on Dr. Gary Chapman's book. This fun parenting workshop encourages parents to speak each of their children's love language which promotes them into becoming a well-adjusted adults.

Based on Dr. Gary Chapman's book. This fun parenting workshop encourages parents to speak each of their children's love language which promotes them into becoming well-adjusted adults.

Life Skills Seminars

Learn the basics of anger and the skills that will enable you to effectively manage your anger. Reduce conflict and recognize that your thoughts determine your anger, control your thinking, and maintain composure and perspective when dealing with anger. 

Come join us for a fun, casual class and learn ways to enhance your relationship and strengthen your connection. We will have an open and honest discussion about communication during conflict, values and beliefs in communication. 

Based on Dr. Gary Chapman's book. A communication and Family enrichment workshop to provide couples the tools to speak their mate's primary love language. 

The Five Love Languages of Singles will help you understand yourself and others better, date more successfully and find the secret that will revolutionize your relationship. 

ScreamFree Marriage presents 9 Principles to Enhance Couple Relationships provided in a three session workshop.

This workshop is based on Dr. John Gottman's four decades of research on relationships. This workshop will provide couples with practical tools to enhance and improve their relationship in the following areas: friendship, fondness and admiration, romance and intimacy, managing conflict constructively, and communication. 

Unit Training

FAP facilitates the annual deskside briefing IAW AR 608-18 to all levels of command and senior NCO advisers. Personnel are required to complete the briefing within 90 days of assuming command or responsibility and annually thereafter. The briefing covers the installation policy which addresses family violence, command responsibility, local trends, and available resources. To schedule a briefing, command teams should contact FAP at (270) 412-5500.

This highly interactive program focuses on E-5s through E-8s. It is designed to assist NCOs in recognizing problems at the lowest level and knowing what resources are available. The intent is to assist Soldiers and Families in resolving problems before they become a crisis and interfere in the mission. A few of the topics include effective communication, services available and shared experiences. Scheduled through interested companies. Classes are kept to 25 NCOs or less.

The annual training is required for all Soldiers IAW AR 608-18. This one hour training is scheduled with command and facilitated at Brigade, Battalion, or Company level. Through this training Soldiers are informed of services available through FAP, the dynamics of family violence, reporting procedures for abuse, and the installation’s policy regarding domestic violence and child abuse.

Annual Awareness  Campaigns Led by Family Advocacy Program:

ACS Family Advocacy Program leads Fort Campbell's annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) Campaign.   DVAM is a national campaign to increase awareness of domestic abuse and resources available.  Since ACS FAP is a prevention focused program, we also use this campaign as an avenue to promote healthy relationships within military Families.  This year Fort Campbell is hosting a Banner Design Contest, Virtual Walk, Purple Fridays, Real Talk and Go Purple in addition to our typical classes.  The following fliers provide details regarding campaign activities.  For more information, call ACS FAP at (270) 412-5500.



Primary: 270-412-5500 Secondary: 931-980-5787

Primary: 270-412-5500

Secondary: 931-980-5787

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NOTICE: Accepting appointments. To report domestic violence or child abuse, contact BACH's Family Advocacy Program. During Business Hours 270-798-8601; After Duty Hours 270-798-8400 Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate Hotline (this line is manned 24/7) - 931-980-5787 New Parent Support Program - 270-484-3695 For all other assistance please visit or call Military One Source 1-800-342-9647

ABOUT: The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) helps Soldiers and their Families recognize and prepare for the unique challenges of military lifestyles. Our services include seminars and workshops that help strengthen the relationships of Army Families. We are also dedicated to the prevention of domestic abuse, child abuse, and neglect of Soldiers and their Families through offering education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention, and treatment.