This page is intended for Soldiers on orders to attend Combat Skills.  If you are not on orders, please refer to the application process outlined for your MOS on the website Home Page.


Welcome to A Company, Combat Skills aka “Green Platoon,” Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Green Platoon is your first step to becoming a Night Stalker.

You are about to begin five weeks of training that includes: Medical First Responder, Advanced Weapons, Land Navigation, and Modern Army Combatives. 

Combat Skills will challenge you in many different ways. You will find the standards of performance exacting and unwavering. Our expectations are high, but attainable. Perform your best and arrive every day at the right time, right place, in the right uniform, and the right attitude to conduct training, and you will be successful.

The first step in ensuring your success is to thoroughly read all attachments. The information covered ranges from your packing list to things you can do now to physically prepare yourself for Green Platoon. 

We look forward to seeing you in Green Platoon and wish you safe travels.  Night Stalkers Don't Quit!

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If for some reason you cannot open the attachments you can also access them at the below folder which must be accessed via your phone or personal PC: