A Company trains and equips individual military augmentees to validate them in accordance with FORSCOM and COCOM Commander requirements in support of overseas contingency operations.

Welcome Letter

      - Weapons ETP Form Examples                                                                                                                                                  - Theater-Specific Individual Readiness Training (TSIRT)                                                                                                  - Computer-Based Training (CBT)

Reservation *Per ALARACT 004-2022, All personnel must complete a reservation 30 to 45 days prior to the arrival to CRC.* (CAC Required)
      - Military Reservation or Military Service Member Reservation (CAC required)                                                                - Contact Flight Operations, 915-568-2058, if you have questions.    
*All flyers must have a reservation, those without a reservation cannot be guaranteed a spot in that cycle. All personnel making reservations can login to CRC Management to check the status of their reservation. These reservations are typically confirmed two weeks out from their departure date.  

Foreign Clearance Guide

Medical Requirements


1) Is linen provided for service members during their validation process? No. Linen is no longer provided to deployers for their validation process. All linen must be brought or purchased by the deployer for their stay.

2) Is there a packing list available for deployers? All packing lists for respective theaters should be obtained from the gaining unit. Service members will have the ability to visit CIF and RFI to draw items as needed and authorized by their orders. Soldiers should arrive prepared with items to make their stay more comfortable such as linens, snacks, bottled water, etc. PX access is available when not in training. 

3) How much can luggage can I bring? Service members are restricted to the luggage requirements stated within their orders. While here, SMs typically draw two bags worth of equipment. All luggage must be collapsible; commercial luggage is not authorized on the military flight. Roller duffels are authorized.

Tough boxes and pelican cases are only authorized for health care providers, combat camera or similar MOS, flight crews, and dog handlers.

4) Can SMs depart early if they are commercial fliers? All training must be completed to validate and deploy prior to scheduled departure. Exceptions must be coordinated through the respective LNO.

5) I’ve completed SRP with my current unit recently. Will I be required to do another one? Yes. All SMs are required to attend the SRP event in order to validate for deployment. SMs should bring copies of EKGs, recent immunizations, and other medical records.