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Directorate of Emergency Services

Fort Benning's Directorate of Emergency Services provides 24-hour law enforcement, force protection and community assistance to commanders, Soldiers, Family members, civilians and guests of Fort Benning and maintains liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and supports installations contingency operations.

The Provost Marshal is the installation commander's advisor for Military Police law and order operations. As the chief law enforcement officer on the installation the Provost Marshal provides the installation commander with professional and technical advice concerning law and order objectives, policies and directives.



For emergencies, call 911.   To file a non-emergency report, call 706-545-5223.   For questions regarding police issues and/or matters, call 706-545-5223

Access Control


To limit the spread of COVID-19, we have suspended the Trusted Traveler Program and limited installation access to those with military ID, common access cardholders, retiree ID and those who have an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) card. To learn more, see below.



The Department of Defense and as a result Fort Benning accepts standard state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards from all U.S. States and territories as proof of identity. DoD and Fort Benning will not turn anyone away for having a non-REAL ID-compliant driver's license.

State-issued driver's licenses and identification cards marked "Not Valid for Federal Purposes" or "Federal Limits May Apply" and any other similar language may not be accepted for entry onto the installation.

Trusted Traveler Program

The Trusted Traveler Program allows uniformed service members and government employees with a valid Department of Defense Common Access Card military retirees (also with a valid DOD ID card), or an adult dependent 18 years or older (also with a valid DOD ID card) to present their ID credentials for access to the installation while simultaneously vouching for any vehicle occupants during authorized Trusted Traveler hours.

Persons identified as Trusted Travelers are responsible for the actions of all occupants for whom they sponsor and must be physically with them while on the installation.

The Trusted Traveler Program applies to the outermost perimeter of the installation. It does not apply to accessing facilities or areas inside the installation.

Access Control Points

24/7 Gates:

Camp Merrill (Dahlonega, GA)

  • Visitor Control Center Lindsey Creek Parkway (I-185/Lindsey Creek Parkway)
  • Contractor Visitor Center - 8th Division Road Access into Harmony Church (8th Division Road Access to Harmony Church)
  • Eddy Bridge Access leading to Lawson Army Airfield

All others (Access point listed below are closed Weekends and all federal holidays):

  • Custer Road Access (from Route 27 into Sand Hill and Patton Village) Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Benning Boulevard Access (From Benning Road) Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Contractor Visitor Center (8th Division Road Access into Harmony Church) Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Contractor Badge Office

****ATTENTION Due to COVID-19, effective April 3, Building 19 (located on corner of Vibbert and Gillespie) will be closed. Automated Installation Entry (AIE) cards and long term passes are managed through email and by telephone, call 706-545-3215 for more information.****

Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (walk-in,no appointments needed). Closed on all federal holidays.

The Contractor Badge Office serves as the Access Control Operations hub for the 100% NCIC-III vetting of visitors and enforces all directives, regulations, policies and laws related to Homeland Security Presidential Directive -12 (HSPD-12). Other services include:

  • Issues Motorcycle Installation Access Cards (MAIE) for service members riding motorcycles on the installation.
  • Reviews, processes, manages and maintains PII, denials and NCIC-III related data and paperwork.
  • Assists Federal, state and local law enforcement using access control data.
  • Assists Government Employee Sponsors (GES) with pass request submissions, renewals, reviews, and other questions, concerns or requests related to employees, contractors, sub-contractors and other visitors as required.
  • Issues all Long Term Passes and AIE Cards.
  • Coordinates all Special Events on the installation requiring access by non-vetted personnel.
  • Assists with CAC, MIL ID problems at the Access Control Points.

Pass Request Information

Those requesting unescorted access to Fort Benning and not in possession of a Department of Defense common access card card, Federal PIV or an installation Automated Installation Entry (AIE) pass/AIE card will undergo a National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) background check. This check involves verifying the individual's identity and checking their criminal history against the Army Fitness Adjudication Standards. Those with derogatory information related to the Army Fitness Adjudication Standards will be denied unescorted access to the installation.

Be aware that all individuals 18 years and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed unescorted access to the installation.

To request an access pass to post, you can go to one of two Visitor Control Centers.

  • The Lindsey Creek Visitor Control Center (VCC) is open 24hours a day to include holidays.
  • The Contractor Visitor Control Center (CVCC) is located on8th Division Road in Harmony Church and is open Monday to Friday 6 am to 2 pm.The CVCC is closed nights, weekends and holidays.

If you go to one of the Visitor Control Centers, the process will take approximately 5-8 minutes per person, so please allow for extra time when making travel plans.

By requesting a pass, you are agreeing to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index, a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Pass Request: Online Pre-registration

By requesting a pass, you are agreeing to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III), a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Be aware that all individuals 18 and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed to unescorted access to the installation.

CLICK HERE to use pass request online pre-registration:

*(Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browser recommended). Internet explorer may be outdated on your PC.

How to:

  • Complete all pre-registration requirements on the secure site, being sure to select "Reason for Visit" This process takes less than two minutes. If other installations are shown, please ensure you select "FORT BENNING".
  • Applicants should receive an SMS (text message) within minutes (and no later than 24 hours later) with notification on whether the request for a Fort Benning Pass is approved.
  • Special Events may have online pre-registration links specific to that event. If you are coming for an event, it is recommended you use the Special Event Link and/or code for that event.
  • Those with approved passes will be able to pick up their pass at the Lindsey Creek Visitor Control Center kiosk (open 24 hours) or the Contractor Visitor Control Center kiosk located on 8th Division Road at Harmony Church (open Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.).
  • You will need the DL/ID that you used during pre-registration. Pass will not be available for pick up until the start date requested.
  • Some Special Events may direct you to a specific gate for initial entry to Fort Benning.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on the the kiosk process.

Access Control FAQs

CLICK HERE to go to FAQs

Veteran Health Identification Card

A section of the National Defense Authorization Act FY2020 expanded some on-post shopping and recreational activities for certain veteran sand their caregivers, survivors and next of kin who have a new, Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC), issued by the Veterans Administration. The VHIC,along with other government-issued, approved identification, can also now allow people access to military installations.

Affected personnel categories are:

  • Veterans with service-related disabilities
  • Caregivers of Veterans with service-related disabilities
  • Certain surviving spouses
  • Purple Heart recipients
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Former prisoners of war

Veterans and primary family caregivers who are eligible for expanded access to Commissary, Exchange and DFMWR facilities and have a Veterans Health Identification Card must first visit one of the Visitor Control Centers for a background check and VHIC registration. The Visitor Control Center is located at Lindsey Creek Parkway, and open 24 hours.

The Contractor Visitor Control Center is located on 8th Division Rd and open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. After a favorable vetting, the VHIC will be registered for continuous vetting through Fort Benning's Access Control Points.

The VHIC will then serve as a valid form of ID to access to the installation and remain valid for a year. VHIC's may be renewed in the AIE system annually at either of the Visitor Control Centers or the Contractor Badge Office.

*VHIC card holders do not have Trusted Traveler status and cannot use a SELF-SCAN lane.

Motorcycle Installation Access Card

*****ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19, effective April 3, Building 19 (located on corner of Vibbert and Gillespie) will be closed. Automated Installation Entry (AIE) cards and long term passes are managed through email and by telephone, call 706-545-3215 for more information.******

Issued to service members ONLY at the Contractor Badge Office, building 19, call 706-545-3215. Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (walk-in, no appointments needed). Closed on all federal holidays.

CLICK HERE to read Fort Benning's Motorcycle Safety Policy.

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Animal Control

Families residing on the installtion are allowed no more than three pets per home unless an exception to policy is approved by the Garrison Commander. Click below for more details.

Pet Control

Families are allowed no more than three pets per home unlessan exception to policy is approved by the Garrison Commander. Please keep thefollowing in mind:

  • Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes will not be allowed on theinstallation, except in Veterinary Services. No animal shall be allowed tosnap, growl, snarl, jump on, or otherwise threaten persons without provocation.
  • Aggressive animals which cause unprovoked harm to any personor animal, or are involved in two provoked bite/scratch incidents may beimmediately removed from post by authority of the Installation Veterinarian on determinationthe animal has created a public health concern. These cases will be forwardedto the Garrison Commander through the Installation Hearing Officer for actionpertaining to the exclusion of the pet involved, the loss of pet ownershipprivileges, and/or the exclusion of the owner from the Fort Benning militaryreservation.
  • Wild, exotic, or livestock animals are not allowed in familyhousing areas, and additional pets are not allowed without permission from theGarrison Commander.
  • Owners will properly register, immunize and control theirpets. Owners will provide humane care, sanitary facilities and proper treatmentof their pets.
  • Each pet kept outside must have adequate and humane housingfor said animal. The area around the pet housing must be kept clean of fecalmatter and excess food particles. Overhead cover must be provided to protectthe pet from the weather.
  • Owners are responsible for their pet’s feces and will policetheir lawns and yards and pick up their pet’s feces when walking them.
  • Pets being walked outside must be on a short leash and atthe heel around others.
  • Pets are prohibited from playgrounds, youth sports fields,school grounds, or at any gathering that includes persons other than theowner’s Family and personally invited guests of the owner and his/her Family.
  • The owner must take a pet that bites someone to theinstallation Veterinarian for examination and quarantine.
  • Owners will prevent pets from being a nuisance, and will notallow their pets to stray.

*Violation of the provisions of installationpolicy on proper control of pets may cause exclusion of a pet from post, lossof pet ownership privileges, and in extreme cases, loss of on post housing. (MCOE

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Ticketing & Towing

To learn more about ticketing and towing click below.


DD Form1805: (United States District Court Violation) can beissued to vehicle operators in violation of GA State traffic offenses committedon the installation. Traffic fines range in price from $15 to $200. Violatorshave the option of paying the collateral fine or appearing in Magistrate Courtto dispute the ticket. Violators receiving a mandatory court notice must appearin front of the US Federal Magistrate. The DD Form 1805 requires a $25processing fee in addition to the fine for the violation. If you receive a DDForm 1805 and you have questions about the ticket, you can reach the CentralViolations Bureau by phone at 1-800-827-2982, or on the internet at

DD Form1408: (Armed Forces Traffic Ticket) can be issued to vehicle operators inviolation of installation motor vehicle rules. DD Form 1408 tickets are alsoissued to operators of government vehicles for violation installation motorvehicle rules. Commanders and Civilian Supervisors are the adjudicatingauthority on all DD Form 1408.

*Trafficpoints will be assessed for all violations of State and installation trafficlaws. Accumulation of 12 points within a 12 month period can result insuspension of on post driving privileges.

Towing and Impoundment

Vehicles can be towed and impounded for several reasons on FortBenning, these include but are not limited to:

  • Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Excessive Speed (31 MPH or more)
  • Driving on a Suspended/Expired License
  • Driving with Suspended Registration
  • Vehicles appearing to be abandoned or illegally parked
  • Vehicles interfering with the flow of traffic
  • Vehicles that are identified as threats to security and forceprotection
  • Motorcycles will towed if the driver or rider is not in the properuniform IAW the Fort Benning Motorcycle Safety Policy.

Towing and Impoundment Prices

Fees are set by MWR at the time the vehicle is are towed. Fees aresubject to change based on the equipment used. Additional information can beobtained by contacting the MWR Auto Skills shop; 706.545.2337 or visit theirwebpage here.

Drivers Privilege Suspension

The privilege of driving on Fort Benning is subject to eitheradministrative suspension or revocation for cause by the InstallationCommander. Suspension and revocation actions are based on the commission ofserious moving traffic violations, or the failure to appear as directed forMagistrate’s Court. Suspension or revocation of installation driving privilegesmay occur if a person accumulates assessed points in excess of the amountsindicated in AR 190-5, Chapter 5. Privileges will be suspended for up to 60months for driving while license is suspended or revoked.

Driving privileges will be revoked for a mandatory period of notless than one year in the following circumstances:

  • If the Installation Commander has determined that the personlawfully apprehended for intoxicated driving refused to submit to or complete atest to measure the alcohol content in the blood, or detect the presence of anyother drug, as required by the law of the jurisdiction or installation trafficcode.
  • If a conviction, non-judicial punishment, or a military/civilianadministrative action resulted in the suspension or revocation of a driver’slicense for intoxicated driving. When temporary suspensions are followed byrevocations, computation of the revocation time is prescribed in AR 190-5.
  • If the Provost Marshal’s Vehicle Registration System (VRS)indicates that an individual’s driving privileges have been revoked.
  • If it is found that the operator has been previously suspended fordriving while license is suspended or revoked.

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Military Police Reports

Military Police Records receives a variety of requests by mail, in person and by telephone from the general public,attorneys, insurance companies and active and retired military personnel of all branches of the service. Hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 3 p.m. We are closed during lunch, and Thursday for training. For more information, call 706-545-2591.

Fire Department

The Fort Benning Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life, property and the environment. We proudly protect those who defend America.

About us


  • We will strive to be role models in the community andleaders in our profession. We will be accountable to those we serve, each otherand any organizations we interact with.
  • We are committed to providing the best public servicethrough innovative training, education and equipment.
  • We will take the fire department into the future throughproductive teamwork, open and honest communications and participativedecision-making throughout the organization.
  • We are committed to our values, mission, and dedicated toour profession.
  • Our organization is driven to provide a cost effective andefficient fire department while honoring our values, accomplishing our missionand achieving our goals.

“Service andprotection with pride, respect, teamwork and safety!”


Our goal is to have a successful fire prevention program to eliminate all fire safety hazards and the continued education of all personnel in fire prevention. The Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services,commanders/directors, supervisors, facility managers, tenant units and all military and civilian personnel must take adequate measures to eliminate and prevent fires or fire safety hazards. Loss of life due to inadequate fire prevention can never be condoned.

Fire Prevention FAQs

How do I get a hold of a fire inspector? Depending on where youare located, call one of the following:

  • Assistant Chief Fire Prevention — 706-545-0283
  • Lead Inspector — 706-604-2238
  • Main Post/Lawson Army Airfield — 706-626-2888
  • Main Post East of Edwards — 706-626-2891
  • Sand Hill — 706-626-2884
  • Harmony Church — 706-626-2885

Where do I take my fire extinguisher to get serviced, repaired orreplace? Each unit is responsible for their own fire extinguishers andwill have to go downtown to replace or repair their building fireextinguishers. The fire department no longer services fire extinguishers.

When is the next Fire Marshal training? The Fire Marshal classis held the second Wednesday of every month, 9 to 11 a.m., building 216 EdwardsRoad between Marchant and Wold streets.

Who conducts the monthly fire extinguisher checks? The unit isresponsible for conducting monthly fire extinguisher inspections. Thisinspections shall be documented on the inspection card.

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Hunting Enforcement

The use of off road vehicles such as dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (three and four wheels) are prohibited on Fort Benning. For exceptions to policy for disabled hunters, call 706-545-7319 for more information. In accordance with MCoE regulation, feral swine may not be hunted at night or with dogs on the installation. For more information, call 706-545-5222. To visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, CLICK HERE .

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Military Working Dogs

For emergency use of a Military Working Dog, contact the Military Police Station at 706-545-2222. For routine requests of a dog team, coordination must be made with the DES Operations Section at 706-545-2942 or 706-545-6324.

To Request Military Working Dog support

Military Working Dogs are available 24-hours a day. You must beable to articulate details as to why the dogs are requested. At a minimum, thefollowing information will be needed. Unit requesting, point of contact,location (be specific), and the reason why the dog is requested.

For emergency use of a dog, contact the Military Police Station at706-545-2222. For routine requests of a dog team, coordination must be madewith the DES Operations Section at 706-545-2942 or 706-545-6324.

To Request Health and Welfare Inspections

Dog teams are a great psychological deterrent when used properly.A dog team can inspect a unit for health and welfare purposes while stillsending a strong message to Soldiers. Although a dog may not find anything themessage was still sent! Both explosive and narcotic detection dogs can be usedfor a health and welfare inspection. For emergency use of a dog, contact the Military Police Station at706-545-2222. For routine requests of a dog team, coordination must be madewith the DES Operations Section at 706-545-2942 or 706-545-6324.

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Military Police Investigations

Military Police Investigations Duties:

  • Investigate crimes, incidents and complaints
  • Process crime scenes
  • Conduct surveillance operations
  • Liaison to Social Work services
  • Liaison to CID, Local Law enforcement and SJA
  • Juvenile/gang investigations
  • Evidence/Contraband collection and storage

See below to learn more.

Evidence Custody

The collection, storage and processing of evidence is critical tothe effective prosecution of offenders. Every year hundreds of items ofevidence are processed through the evidence room, many requiring transfer tothe Crime Lab located at Fort Gillem, Georgia. There is a mountain of paperworkto be maintained to achieve the flawless accountability required by law.Evidence Contraband Collection investigators can be contacted at 706-545-3031.

Abandoned/Found Property

Found property can be reported to the Military Police desk sergeantby phone or turned in directly to the MP Station, Building 214. The DeskSergeant will issue a property receipt to the person turning in the item. Theproperty will be placed into the found property room while the PropertyCustodian attempts to locate the owner. If the owner can't be found, theproperty is disposed of in accordance with Army Regulations and DOD Directives.

Crime Stoppers

Fort Benning Provost Marshal request your assistance in solving crimesat Fort Benning. If you have any information about any crime, contact the MPDesk at 706-545-5223.

Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board

Make a complaint on unfair business practices to 706-545-3028.

Military Police Operations

The Military Police Operations section is responsible for the daily operations of law enforcement patrols, emergency response dispatching and the Military Police station. To learn learn more click below.

Emergency Assistance

If you have a police, fire or medical emergency call 911.

If you have a non-emergency complaint call 706-545-5222 |706-545-5223 | 706-545-5224.

Military Police Responsibilities

The Military Police Operations section is responsible for thedaily operations of law enforcement patrols, emergency response dispatching andthe Military Police station. These functions include:

  • Military Police Patrolling
  • Military Police Desk Operations
  • E-911 Dispatching
  • Liaison with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Administrative Records
  • Traffic Accident Investigations
  • Military Working Dog
  • Animal Control
  • Funds Escort
  • Fish and Game
  • AWOL Apprehension
  • Military Police Patrols are responsible for enforcing all laws,regulations and policies; deterring crime through alert patrolling; respondingto calls for assistance; assisting stranded motorists; and promoting a positiveimage of Fort Benning.

The Military Police Desk is responsible for receiving,coordinating and dispatching all emergency responders to an incident on FortBenning. The Military Police Desk also assists individuals with generalinformation requests.

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Off Limit Areas

The following addresses and/or establishments in Columbus, Georgia, have been placed off-limits to all military personnel within the Fort Benning area, to include: Fort Benning, Georgia; Warner Robins Air Logistics Force Base; the U.S. Naval Reserve Center, Columbus, Georgia; Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama; and the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Georgia, by the AFDCB.

Establishments and/or Locations

  • Capital ConsortiumGroup, Inc.: (Registered in South Carolina)
  • 3 Hebrew Boys, L.L.C.:(Registered in South Carolina)
  • Majestic Club: Previouslyknown as the VS Lounge, 2102 Cusseta Road
  • American FidelityNational Life Insurance Company: PO Box 25523, Oklahoma City, OK 73215
  • 13th Street Bridge:Waters and banks of the Chattahoochee River for a distance of 1-mile above andbelow the 13th Street Bridge between Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City,Alabama, are designated off-limits for recreational activities, includingfishing, wading, and swimming. This does not prevent use of the River Walk oradjoining streets and sidewalks but expressly prohibits fishing, wading, andswimming in the river, or walking on rocks in the river or along the river’sbanks. Commercial White Water activities surrounding the 13th Street bridge maybe utilized provided it's a guided trip conducted by an approved and licensedoutfitter/guide. Viewing of the white water course is also permissible from"Wave Island" and the bridge. Military personnel may continue to fishin this area from powerboats, provided the individuals wear approved lifepreservers or floatation devices.
  • T & T Cigar andFood: 2905 Warm Springs Rd, Columbus, GA
  • Concierge: Non-vettedtransportation and lodging services associated with John Melton.
  • Carousel Lounge:3003 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA
  • Foxy Lady: 3023Victory Dr, Columbus, GA
  • Combat Footgear INC:2039 Torch Hill Rd, Suite 104, Columbus, Ga., 31905 On Post activities byCombat Footgear at Fort Benning including delivery, sales, and productpresentation are prohibited. Off postthere are no restrictions regarding Combat Footgear Inc. business locations at2039 Torch Hill Road, Suite 104 and 6783 Veterans Pkwy, Suite 400, Columbus, Ga.,Service members may utilize online and off post Combat Footgear Inc. businessoperations.
  • The Shack: 3200Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, Alabama.

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Physical Security

The Fort Benning Physical Security Office provides force protection vulnerability and risk assessments. To learn more click below.

About us

The Fort Benning Physical Security Office provides force protection vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, weapons immersion program compliance inspections, physical security inspections of both U.S. Army Forces Command and Training and Doctrine Command units assigned.

The office also performs access control review and unit arms room inspections while assisting the Soldiers, Family Members, and Department of Defense civilians of Fort Benning in the protection, physical security and loss prevention of personnel, assets, resources, weapons and equipment while maintaining liaison with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in support of installation contingency operations and force protection plans. For more information, call 706-545-9506 or 706-545-7115.

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Weapons Registration

Weapons can be registered at the Military Police Station, in building 71 at 6680 Wold Avenue. Registration can be completed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more, see below.

Whats Required to Register your Weapon

The following items are required to register your weapons on Fort Benning:

  • Valid federal, state or CAC identification card
  • FB (DES) Form 190-11-R- 23 DEC 14 (completely filled out, signed and dated by the unit commander)

*Note: DO NOT bring any weapons into the building.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Check out ther ATF's firearms FAQs by CLICKING HERE

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