Covid-19 Measures for the Benelux

Belgium (Updated May 30, 2022)

I. Latest news: face mask requirement and travel restrictions lifted as of 23 May 2022

The coronavirus barometer, which has been switched to code yellow since March 2022, has been deactivated. This has been decided by the Consultative Committee. As a result, the requirement to wear a face mask on public transport and to complete the Passenger Locator Form for most trips has been lifted. The Consultative Committee has established that infections and the number of new hospital admissions are following a downward trend. The reproduction rate for infections and hospital admissions remains at less than 1, which suggests the virus is circulating at a much slower pace. In addition, the number of critical care beds has been fluctuating around 100 for quite some time, remaining well below the threshold of 300.

Face mask requirement

Face masks will no longer be mandatory except in hospitals, surgeries (at the doctor’s office) and pharmacies. It will therefore no longer be mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport.

However, wearing a face mask will still be recommended in very busy places or in healthcare environments such as residential care centers or at a dental practice, physiotherapist, psychologist or speech therapist. Proper ventilation of indoor spaces will also continue to be strongly recommended as it is a strong weapon against virus transmission and is generally good for our well-being, health and productivity.


Non-essential travel from outside the European Union will no longer be banned. Testing on days 1 and 7 and the 10-dayquarantine period will no longer be mandatory nor will it be necessary to present:

• a Passenger Locator Form;

• a valid vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

However, this will not apply to people travelling from a country with a new variant of concern; they must continue to respect the current rules

II. Reminder: Belgium in "code yellow"

  • In practice, this means that the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is no longer required to gain entrance to events, bars and gyms.
  • The face mask remains compulsory from the age of 12 in healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and residential care homes, as well as in public transport. For vulnerable people who are at an increased risk, an FFP2 mask remains recommended, both indoors and outdoors.

There are three colors that reflect the level of pressure on health care in the country:

  • Code yellow: the epidemiological situation and pressure on hospitals are under control,
  • Code orange: increasing pressure on healthcare systems, intervention needed to revers this trend,
  • Code red: high risk of overburdening the healthcare system.

III. Need more information ?

Main website

Press conferences

• General number: 0800 14 689

Netherlands (Updated May 30, 2022)

1. Latest news: some advices are still in place

Some advice to limit the spread of coronavirus are still in place. The vaccinations are working as they should and many people have built up resistance due to being infected with coronavirus. But coronavirus has not gone away. People will continue to get infected and become ill. The government is therefore monitoring the situation closely and will take action as appropriate, based on how the situation develops.

All coronavirus measures have been lifted. Following the advice below can help you and others avoid getting infected. And you’ll be helping to protect people with health concerns.

The advice continues to be: wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow, stay home and do a test if you have symptoms, ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors and get vaccinated and boosted.

2. For further information and guidance, visit:

Germany (Updated May 30, 2022)

1. Latest news

In view of falling corona case numbers, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to relax the rules for entering Germany over the summer months. "Until the end of August, we will suspend the 3G rule on entry," the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe. From 1 June onwards, travelers returning to Germany and other immigrants will no longer have to prove that they have been vaccinated, have recovered or have been tested. The currently valid Corona Entry Ordinance still requires 3G proof for all persons over the age of twelve until 31 May.

2. Travel

For information about travel, entry and quarantine regulations in Germany, visit the German Federal Foreign Office website here.

3. Click here if you need more information about the latest Coronavirus updates.

Latest News for Travelers


1. Travelling abroad 
Each country may impose different measures on travelers. Make sure to inform yourself about the measures that apply in the country of your destination, but also in the countries through which you will be travelling. Before your departure, consult the website or the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs, where you will find the latest travel advice per country. If you need a PCR test to travel, you can request it at

2. Need more information ? Click here

The Netherlands

1. Latest news: There are no coronavirus-related restrictions for entering the Netherlands for travellers who live in the EU/Schengen area or in a country participating in the EU travel rules scheme. The EU entry ban applies to other travellers who live outside the EU/Schengen area, but there are some exceptions.
2. Visit (in English) for an overview of the rules that apply to you before you travel to the Netherlands. Fill in your country of departure.

Plan on Traveling Soon?

Please ensure your follow country requirements, as well as unit guidance. View US ARMY EUROPE PROCEDUES FOR UNOFFICIAL TRAVEL DURING COVID-19 for more information. 

Before you Travel

If you plan to travel internationally, make sure you know the guidelines for each country you are traveling through. If a PCR test is required, make sure you get tested before you travel. Visit the CDC website for more information on international traveling during COVID-19. 

Need to shop but are on restriction of movement? 

The DeCA Shopping Program is established in order to assist community members who hold a US DoD ID card and are unable to shop for themselves due to COVID-19 quarantine/self-isolation.

Covid-19 Guidance and Information

Covid-19 Vaccination

U.S. Army Europe and Africa released frequently asked questions concerning COVID-19 vaccination and their answers, and you can read them here.

For further resources concerning vaccination, visit these other sites: