Auto Skill Center CAB

Post Office Brunssum

Army Emergency Relief SHAPE and Brunssum

Army Community Service SHAPE Army Community Service SHAPE - All Services

Personal Property Processing Office SHAPE, Brunssum and Brussels

Army Continuing Education System

Dry Cleaner CAB

Kennel CAB 

Dry Cleaner Brunssum

Barber and Beauty Shop CAB

Andrews Federal CAB, Brussels and Brunssum (Updated June 15)

Barber Shop Brussels 

Military Auto Sales CAB and Brunssum

Central Processing Facility SHAPE, Brussels and Brunssum 

Vet Clinic CAB

Lodge Meal CAB

Centralized Furniture Management Office CAB and Brunssum 

Child and Youth Services Brussels: Parent and Outreach Services

Post Office Chièvres Air Base

Vehicle Processing Center CAB 

Post Office SHAPE 

Vehicle Processing Center Brunssum

Post Office Brussels

FMWR Outdoor Fitness CAB

Child and Youth Services SHAPE: Child Development Center

FMWR Outdoor Fitness Brussels

Child and Youth Services SHAPE: Parent and Outreach Services

FMWR Outdoor Fitness HUB - Brunssum

Child and Youth Services Brunssum: Parent and Outreach Services

Northern Law Center SHAPE

Child and Youth Services Brunssum: Child Development Center

Netherlands Law Center Brunssum

FMWR Library CAB

FMWR Library Brussels

School Age Center Brunssum

FMWR Equipment Rental CAB

School Age Center SHAPE

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) SHAPE and Brunssum

School Age Center Brussels

Outdoor Recreation / Equipment Rental Hub-Brunssum

Army Community Service Brussels - All Services

Army Community Service Brunssum - All Services

Grandma's Attic 

Performing Arts School 

Fitness Center Brussels 

Fitness Center CAB

Religious Support Office CAB and Brussels 

AAFES Food Court CAB 

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center 




PX Chièvres 

Tue-Sat 1000-1900

Sun 1100-1800

Mon Closed

Burger King Chièvres

Tue-Sat 0900-1800

Mon Closed

Sun 1100-1700

Anthony's Pizza Chièvres

Fri- Sun  1130-1430

Mon-Thu Closed

Bun-D Brunssum

Mon-Fri 1000-1700


Mobile Center Brunssum

Mon-Fri 1000-1700